Ducati ST2, ST3 & ST4 Givi Ngena Ayanda Kits kunye eyongezwayo

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Ducati ST2

Ducati ST2, ST3 ST4 Givi Luggage Mounting Kits and Accessories

Givi Luggage Mounting System and Accessories for the Ducati ST2, ST3 ST4.

I GIVI Inyaniso mihla umbono ethe zimilile kule minyaka. Lo mbono ukuba baphile ndawonye: uyilo Italian, sengqondo onamandla lobuchwepheshe kunye knoledge enkulu ezithile zezibonelelo. Yeyona uphuhliso ingcamango esemgangathweni eyenza i mveliso encinane Brescia ikhula ngokwamacala nezona kanye nodumo mundial namhlanje. Engaphezulu kwe 150 abasebenzi kumaziko yemveliso in Italy, EYurophu U.S.A.

Soloko nangokuzimisela efanayo kosuku lokuqala. Ukususela kule ifilosofi adlise ubomi iprojekthi HPS (System Protection Head) with who we entered into the helmet domain with a mission which points strongly on security. A consistent care that has been translated into the introduction of technological solutions of great functionality, detailed care and maximum reliability.

At the base of our items, from the smallest accessory to the top range helmet, there are always two inseparable elements: the most innovative technology and the recognized quality made by hand in Italy.

The vision of GIVI is something which contributes to make life easier with products which transform the use of motorcycles not only practical but also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, to convert both current and potential motorcyclists. GIVI wants to be for all users: from motorcyclist to scooter riders which use this means of transport in the city or for small journeys.

Luggage: The GIVI top cases and panniers are the result of more than 30 iminyaka’ experience of careful attention to detail and caring for the needs of motorcyclists.The case opening/detaching system is operated with one hand only and the MONOKEY® and MONOLOCK® fitting systems guarantee ease of use together with a high reliability and durability that always characterise all GIVI products.MONOKEY® and MONOLOCK® cases boast a patented locking system that enables the opening/detaching of the case and its attaching/releasing from the plate with a single key.MONOKEY® cases have a bigger capacity than MONOLOCK® cases and are for use on motorcycles.MONOLOCK® cases have a smaller capacity and are usually used on scooters and maxiscooters.

Note: The Top Box mounting kit as shown is not compatible with the factory fitted panniers and can only be used on its own.

Ducati ST2

Screens: The GIVI spoiler collection shows once again GIVI’s attention to motorcycliststastes, by meeting both the needs of motorcyclists riding naked bikes, with universal windscreens available in specific and matchable colours (to be combined with the colour of the bike), as well as the riders using sport bikes, offering specific aerodynamic spoilers in three different types, available for the majority of bike models on the market.

For other Givi products for your motorcycle please send us an email and see if we can help.

We dont have all boxes and ancilliary parts in stock at any given time. If you have any questions about delivery times and stock availability please contact us on sales@bici.co.uk.

Make Givi Luggage Mounting System and Accessories the choice of luggage for your Ducati ST2, ST3 ST4.

Note: The Top Box mounting kit as shown is not compatible with the factory fitted panniers and can only be used on its own.

Ducati ST2
Ducati ST2
Ducati ST2
Ducati ST2
Ducati ST2

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