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Moto Morini 3 1/2 Touring

Bought at auction Moto Morini

The motorcycle company was sold at a price of € 1,960,000. The new group bought the company but not the building that will still have on loan for two years

1. Happy Birthday!!

I think it’s really impressive feat to be able to make their way among the various giants motorcycle. kodwa, wow! well is the ability and inventive Italian. I think it will take so much heart really really a lot and best wishes for good job!

giogiogio7981 – 19/07/2011 24:41

3. strength and courage!

I’m glad that it remained in Italian hands! recommend to the new owners, also to revitalize the brand and recover funds, to intervene with the Government and compel all the forces of order to acquire Italian motorcycles, Morini in the first place, instead of those ugly and expensive BMW.

L ‘had already made ​​a president in the late 70’s and sobrought new life to the Moto Guzzi.

Strength and courage by!

Gabon – 19/07/2011 24:54

4. well by

I am young and history morini know very little, but had my dad (morini 3 1/2) and if one day I’ll change a bike trip I would love the big step. Good luck!

Alez02 – 19/07/2011 13:03

5. Augurissimi!

With great joy we learn that a major Italian brand has been owned Italian! morini hope to return as soon as possible to the prestige of the past.

fuorigiri02 – 19/07/2011 13:19

6. Force Morini

The engine is there, and it’s wonderful bikes are beautiful, a good marketing strategy, a touch-down costs and you’re done!


Stracontento are an Italian brand that has as MotoMorini buyers ITALIAN. Get busy with the bike a little more aesthetically nice. Italians want to return to the real made in italy!!

9. We have no illusions!

one of the two partners Mr. Jannuzzelli comes from a company in liquidation (Camuzzi group) of which he was Managing director. I see more ‘speculative but a move operation done from the heart!

650,000 in the meantime they have already ‘saved, I’m curious to see how this is gonnaend.

MONSTER7401 – 19/07/2011 14:07

10. Great

This mark must not die but continue.

I left the Corsarino Corsaro —- —- 3 1/2 — Excalibur.

full speed ahead and then auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

zio79 – 19/07/2011 14:36

11. Excellent!

Finally some good news! auctions deserted me presaged the worse. I could not bear that MotoMorini espatriasse.

Kiodo9493 – 19/07/2011 14:47

12. It ‘s always an Italian brand

The Strider I liked it so much as an idea. It ‘was a beautiful insight and have a future. Good luck to both employers and all employees of the Moto Morini

13. and now under.

to do even great bike. Strider maybe a 800?

nicola650 – 19/07/2011 14:56


In my humble opinion could earn a huge slice of the market, creating a 600 or 800 engine with which to equip the Strider and the Corsaro 1200. the current is literally CHASE. many beginners or riders would buy the unpretentious on the fly

Prelli – 19/07/2011 14:57

15. Come on, Morini, from

Congratulations to the two brave entrepreneurs! Morini force it to do so a long way! in my humble opinion the line of pirate and Strider are still current and very personal, we just put it down the drain but otherwise would be a shame to change them.

For the motor, the current 1200 and ‘terrifying, so I agree that it should be accompanied by a 750-800. Anyway congratulations!

lino.lin – 19/07/2011 15:34

16. Made in Italy

I’m glad it remained Italian and the two entrepreneurs hope to bring this brand to great levels.

Bel courage that took! these days then!

As has been said to give aid would be fair to use the bikes for our country, because there are several Italian houses of motion, you can split the percentages rotation or a house at a time, but unfortunately we are in Italy and enough to see with the blue car.

A big good luck and best wishes!!

duilio1972 – 19/07/2011 15:39


congratulations to the new neo ITALIAN owners, who have had the courage and the desire to jump into a unique experience, surely you will be rewarded! I hope you keep up the value of TRUE made in Italy. Good luck with my whole heart!

LUKE ENTERPRISE – 19/07/2011 15:54

18. force morini

by possesdsore hope can reactivate the production. the bike morini has produced great bike maybe sinning by not promoting the product which produced! force made in italy. BUY ITALIAN AND BEYOND TO HAVE GREAT PRODUCTS envied by ALL HELP OUR COUNTRY A ASCEND THE CRISIS! NATIONALISM WAKE UP GUYS!!

19. Not to make the owl.

. but these are two failures: Camuzzi Group and Bank Account. One of them, I forget which, was also sentenced to one year for insider trading if I’m not mistaken. I apologize if any information was erroneous, but whether it was right I would not be too much to cheer. then I could go for owl.

Ducatista14 – 19/07/2011 16:09

20. Sandro Capotosti

Ducatista14 – 19/07/2011 16:11

recent models were very attractive style x, 1 bit ‘- x price and performance. I agree the commitment to 1 x midrange as the former vekki time please give us back one pirate 4/600cc. single-cylinder. 1 would be cool!

alexbz – 19/07/2011 16:13

22. moto Morini

In this moment, my thoughts go out to all the people out of work can now hope to return to their place and continue to create these beautiful bikes. I bought exactly one year ago the scrambler, motorbike just fantastic. The hope is that the new management knows to continue to do everything good is already in this project.

A piece of advice that comes from the heart, because the only way you can buy a bike, is that you try them, otherwise you can not understand what it means to ride a Moto Morini. Davide

davide200618 – 19/07/2011 16:16

23. From Dealer.

The Morini. I can only rejoice in the solution that has been traveled for the settlement of the dispute.

During the years I have always had a great respect for the dignity of the staff of this great brand, although overwhelmed by a myriad of problems and often unable to deal with even the simplest everyday life, has had in pursuing a job in front of a scenario that does not give you a choice.

Tenacity of these men is perhaps the greatest value of the investment and Capotosti Jannuzzello riscontreranno in the near future.

Force Eagle Bike: flying high as you deserve to fly!

Umberto45 – 19/07/2011 16:17

I do not see why continue with a brand dead and buried, and that sometimes is dusted off for the fans.

Who cares if it’s an Italian brand or not (we Italians are discounts to a foreigner who buys. no. and then. ), I buy a bike that I like, that works, that has a network of spare parts / appropriate assistance, etc etc.

What is Italian does not change the status of things if nobody was spinning so much who had toglioere half a million euro from the auction previous.

There must be a reason, right?!

tdname – 19/07/2011 16:36

25. Well!

Now we have to renew the range with products that are already beautiful.

Granpasso the need to do with the wheels 17 to be in the Multistrada and at a price most acessibile.La naked must be redrawn, and there is no pure road twin. The engines are there, and good engines, but we must settle on the market for smaller, not only 1200cc but a nice 800 cc twin.

multi62068 – 19/07/2011 18:38

Force Morini, the first bike on which I got was the pirate I 125, father of my neighbor, the legendary Mr. Salvatore that children liked to roam the streets of our neighborhood, he was already ‘adult child and always as we see it in the garage in cuore.Ancora abandoned, it will sell me theever!

gibi falconet – 19/07/2011 19:16

29. Duke 14

I do not trust absolutely Italian entrepreneurs. But I hope to be proven wrong and I can only stand watching.

piega996 – 19/07/2011 19:24

30. Forzaaa!

Best wishes and hope for a future one-way to many beautiful motorcycle sales and satisfied many riders!

Mikele46 – 19/07/2011 19:33

31. yes yes as no.

. Quiet. Excellent! Just what I needed: two owners who do not understand a belino of motion and are already thinking about relocating. Already I see it: review contract with employees, aid and incentives for a while ‘and then off. in India or so there. But do not worry, it will ONLY produce for their market. ;).

Meanwhile, the best thing you could do would be to lower prices. Since they are outrageously high and I think fly a little ‘lowwould not that well.

wish the employees a future peaceful and serene. Heart and without irony.

sandroon – 19/07/2011 19:34

32. by the possessor of a Corsaro.

I am very happy and what ‘happened. just remember what thatwas the company Franco Morini and, we hope, that ‘you will be ableto be in the future.

Morini motorcycles beautiful. Come on!

Tdname may not know or do not remember the brand you are talking to has a sporting history heavy, for example, a certain Giacomo Agostini which has the progress and success! this to make just a nod to the past while talking of this Moto Morini (Corsaro, 91/2, etc. ) equipped with the engine power of nature to be found. I guess I do not ever try. otherwise ragionerebbe in a different way! the events of economic industrial more or less fortunate (Triumph docet) have their weight, but do not detract from the charm and passion that knows how to awaken a mark. at the bottom of the bikes are pure emotion and Moto Morini plays well this fundamental concept.

Moto Morini 3 1/2 Touring
Moto Morini 3 1/2 Touring
Moto Morini 3 1/2 Touring

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