Bike Test Suzuki GSX F 650 How To Make & yenza Yonke!

10 Feb 2015 | umbhali: | kwamazwana on Bike Test Suzuki GSX F 650 How To Make & yenza Yonke!

Suzuki GSX 650 F

Bike Test Suzuki GSX F 650

Ucinga ntoni ngayo le vidiyo?

Reffolution: Yeah! good job!

amdo2008dragon: suzukiiiiii rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wannnnnnnaaaaa buy one in the futureeeeeeeee

Mad Pistol: The shifting is very easy. Kuyavunywa, if you rev the hell out of it then release the clutch, it will buck like an angry bull. Otherwise, it’s very forgiving.

The gears are easy to modulate and well spaced, if not slightly short. It’s a very well designed bike all around. Be weary of the added weight.

As easy as it is to park a Ninja 250, you have to be more careful with the 650. When it’s underway, the weight isn’t an issue though.

bling bling: That’s a selling point for me as a newb, heavy bike means less raw acceleration which means not as easy to get into trouble. Also, the weight makes it good for highway riding. And really, who needs 200mph.

gsxwarby: really good video fantastic bike

tacotacohoyhoy: Idiot, you mean This baby hauls pretty well Not good

LeyLineBlur: Decent bike horrible sound though. A beginner bike unless you want a decent sport touring. I cant pull myself off the gsx-r line though.

CBRboy1717: It’s called an aftermarket can. it’s not that hard.

guitarocket01: @TriggerManxL Well, maybe it’s like that in the US but over here in Germany you have to drive 2 years on 34bhp before you are allowed more power :-/

kindredice: its a great bike. Suzuki did everything right with this bike,it has enough power speed,looks good and is also very easy to ride. Price is damn good too.

Best pick if you are new to big bikes,but if you are a vet it wont satisfy your need for speed,its heavy and acceleration is far from a R-RR but still you get a lot of bang for your buck.

studs69jb: k does anyone have the probelm when shifting into second gear at 6-7k rpms it shifts hard and grinds

Dentrick: It handles well and is inexpensive. It just won’t go as fast as other bikes in its weight class. It’s also pretty heavy, 475 pounds dry.

Whether you love it or not largely depends on whether you need to be going 200 mph or not.

Mark Garofoli: Someone just leveled the playing field.

coolvideo28: I am seriously considering buying a GSX 650F what is wrong with the seat? Is there a better seat you would recomend?

Rush1: The 650F is my first bike. I’ve had it since the end of of 2009. I would only change the seat, like someone else posted. It’s a good solid bike.

I’ve put a little over 9,150 mi on it and a few minor mods. 132mph max thus far. I really didn’t know the weight was this much of an issue until I picked up my friend’s CBR 1000 rr.

The 650F is about 470 lbs I believe.

Adrian C.: ItВґs a very economical bike, 5.6l/100km. Also itВґs a good compromise between sport and tourism; very stable at hi speed, good brakes and reasonable wind proof. I made 10.000km and had no problems.

The oil level seems frozen.

a6km: it is heavy 🙁

LeyLineBlur: GS line has no after market made. I used to own a gs 500 f before i switched to gsxr’s. I looked for ages to find something to change the god awful sound.

Its like the new 250 sakis there isnt a damn thing made because they are considered more an intro bike and they (being the after market dealers) would lose more money than make money from custom part lines.

Rush1: The seat. many people find the stock seat a bit uncomfortable during long rides. A Sergeant seat comes in a high and low option. It’s extra padded and a little wider. Be prepared to spend a couple hundred though.

MUCH more comfortable and less sliding forward into the tank because it helps maintain a solid riding position. Although I am considering buying another bike in a season or two- I still may keep this bike. I have 14,500+ miles on her now.

Rush1: I have a 2009 GSX650F. The only thing I don’t like about it is the uncomfortable seat, which can be replaced via aftermarket one.

Keragon: I really want to get this bike but I’m at the point right now where I just bought a friggin car, so buying a bike is hard to justify. Not to mention I’m still fairly new to biking so if I dropped this thing I’d be pretty pissed.

dogjaw62: test rode a GSX650F yesterday; the smoothest running bike I’ve ever ridden, smoother even than my Triumph Triple, but due to weight and power, would not classift it as a begginner bike. trying to decide between black or blue.

vulpixgrant: Looking to get this bike, what brand of Saddlebags did you use? Suzuki dosn’t sell them for it! Living in Florida, I need an onboard rainsuit!

CBRboy1717: Yea, I heard about the 500 line, my friend started on one. But this bikes only been out a couple months and i’ve already seen Yoshis, Leo Vincis, Two Brothers, Scorpion, etc. being produced for them. For sure on the new 250 tho.

It sounds like a damn weedwhacker! No slipon is gonna fix that. However i think this bike has a real possibility of being sold outside of the intromarket.

I can see the older generation holding on to a bike like this for the sport in them without sacraficing comfort.

Snareguydave16: I have this bike and love it. it’s my first bike, but I’ve put some saddlebags on it and use it as my regular vehicle. much better gas mileage. top speed of around 130mph, but seriously, I don’t need 180mph right now. very fun to drive!

cavter: is it dangerous for a beginner due to its 600cc?

PeterV89: What kind of MPG are you getting?

FNAadventures: This bike is a POS for beginners only

guitarocket01: yhe, if you do your license at 18 you have to wait until you’re 20. that two-year rule applies to everyone who does his/her license under 25. when you do it at 25 or older you can ride at full power from the start.

Suzuki GSX 650 F

coolvideo28: really good review. I can’t wait to get one.

guitarocket01: want one! maybe in two years (when i’ve completed my 34 bhp phase) i’ll buy one cheap.

cynic150: a very interesting and attrctiv video except for the music WHICH COULD NOT BE WORSE. It is about as racey and exciting as a dish rag!

Mad Pistol: I just got this bike a few days ago. This is an absolutely fantastic bike! The ride is planted but not punishing. The torque curve on the engine is flat as a tabletop (and very strong). The riding position is more upright and very comfortable.

The handling is also very precise and the ride on the streets is a nearly perfect balance between sport and comfort. You have to ride this bike to know what I’m talking about, but it really is that good. Gixxers are great, but this bike is brilliant.

Marija P: i love it.

Frank Long: I own this bike I got it dirt cheap, my dude hit a deer m layed r down I got it for a 1500 it had 3008 miles on it I put a streetfighter headlamp on it n put over a 1000 miles on it n I cant get off of it its great to ride n chicks dont know the dif between a 10,000 bike an a 6,000 $ bike, save your money n live longer, no need for 200 mph(:

wowcrazy70: @madpistol how do u like the shifting into gears?,need to upgrade from my 09 250r ninja

bling bling: Kinda sounds like this review was funded by Suzuki. either way, I’m torn between this and the Yamaha FZ6R, I like the look of the Yamaha a bit more.

niurou: good budget sport touring bike.

metallica85: @imatthews37 wanna ask something the weight bother you especially during slow movement..cause i try ride my friend’s ER6F and it’s pretty heavy..

Sean Rego: I own the very same bike in this video. I have modified it slightly to include a pipe. I love this bike. Perfect bike for those that don’t need to have the fastest or most extreme bike. It has plenty of punch and can run at top speed around 135-140 mph.

I have topped mine out at around 135 and I weigh 200+lbs. Very well planted and has all the comfort of any sport touring bike.

guitarocket01: in germany you get the unlimited A only when you do your license older than 25. i just did it and now have to wait for 2 iminyaka :/

theoriginaldimi: @metallica85 It is considerably heavier than an ER6, but unless you’re a complete weakling you should be able to handle it just fine, especially once you get moving. It’s not exactly an electra glide or goldwing.

Oldone11: You can tell you have never rode one

Paulo Rodrigues: Hi, what do you think of this bike to someone like me who hasn’t ride a bike for ten years now? Thanks.

manenkoff: You should check out the beetle bags from Corbin. They look like Suzuki themselves built it for the bike. They match PERFECTLY with the color and lines of the GSX650F and are lockable.

tacotacohoyhoy: Oh, yhe? Well you’re a african american. See what I did there?

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Bike test Suzuki GSX F 650 4.8 out of 5

Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F

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