2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke… Where Is It All Heading?

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Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke: What’s The Deal Anyway?

2 stroke vs 4 stroke. Which one is better? Once upon a time there was a huge difference between the way a 4 stroke and a 2 stroke dirt bike performed.

Two stroke motorcycles dominated the motocross and supercross classes because of their high performance and light weight. While the heavier, less nimble thumpers performed at their best in the enduro and trail circuits. Though, they still had to compete against the mad-men that were willing to strap themselves to a 500cc 2 stroke screamer.

Well, since the YZ400F made its debut in 1997, when Doug Henry won the final supercross of the year in Las Vegas on one. things have changed dramatically .

The fours have fast become the dominating force on any track or terrain. Why? Well it seems there are a number of debatable reasons. Their power to weight ratio is almost on par with the 2 strokes – and I simply mean in terms of how a 450cc four stroke is now a lot closer to the weight of a 250cc two stroke, but puts out a similar amount of speed and power.

Back in the early 90’s four strokes were heavy beasts and were considerably slower than the two’s.

With the new and improved thumpers, many people find them easier to ride with their smooth, tractable power delivery. But on the other hand, a lot of riders don’t actually want that. They want the thrill, noise and adrenalin of a powerband that only a two stroke can serve up.

So why are the 2 strokes disappearing? Some people believe (and blame) the format of the AMA, and large companies such as Honda have a heavy influence over why we are witnessing the decline of the popular two’s. Is it fair that a 450cc four stroke is able to compete against a 250cc two stroke?

It has also been said that another contributing factor to the 2 strokes decline is the pressure felt by government groups and lobbyists to phase them out because of the environmental damage they cause. But how much more pollution do they really put out compared to the 4’s? It seems that the technology already exists to create a two stroke engine that is just as, if not more environmentally sound as a four stroke.

Is it really because of these environmental issues that the major bike manufacturers are putting little to no effort into the new two-smokes?

To gain a deeper understanding of the way the two engines work, check out the mechanics of a 2 stroke vs 4 stroke.

How good or bad is this for you and I as riders? There is no doubt that the costs of maintaining a 4-stroke are much higher than it’s counterpart. Does that seem right to you? With modern technology shouldn’t the bikes be more reliable and easier to maintain?

And shouldn’t we have a choice of what type of bike we prefer to ride?

There is a lot of heated talk going on right now about this topic. Do these big bike manufacturers actually care about what the market place – its customers – want? If so, why is it that most of the Japanese companies aren’t improving and developing two-stroke’s anymore considering the general consensus seems to be that people want to ride them?

Click Here To Read About 2 Stroke Fuel Ratios

This (above) is what the 4’s used to look like when they weren’t an option for serious motocross. The difference between an ancient 1985 xr600 and a modern 2012 crf450 is huge! Not only are they far sexier now, but their handling, rideability and engine power are far superior too – but at a price.

Will the once-superior two strokes disappear completely? Personally, I don’t think so. The hair raising Japanese 500cc weapons have long since dropped off the mainstream production line but the rest of the family are hanging in there.

Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)

Top European manufacturers understand the importance of the development and progression of 2 strokes and are still forging ahead with them, winning many Enduro competitions – interestingly enough all throughout Europe where the AMA has no influence. hmmmm.

What we have at present is a vast range of high performance four strokes that offer you almost everything you’ve ever wanted from a dirt bike. if you can afford to maintain one. Some people love ’em and some people hate ’em, and others don’t know any different. One thing for sure is that the level of performance produced from these modern factory dirt bikes are better than they’ve ever been.

But to all you die-hard two stroke fans out there. that familiar smell of burning premix and the tell-tale ‘ting ting ting’ of the two-strokers still continues to resonate around the muddy tracks of the world.

Got Something To Say About This Whole 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Thing?

Here’s YOUR opportunity to let everyone else know what your views are on this developing topic.

Since most people own four strokes these days, tell us how much time and money you spend on maintaining it. How often do you get the valve clearances checked? Do you have many problems in general or does it run sweet if you keep up with the services?

There are a lot of people who are undecided on whether to get a four or two so let everyone know about your experience to help them make a decision. I’m sure they will appreciate it!

Accepted comments will be posted up as it’s own page, so I am looking for something with more depth than 1 or 2 sentances.

Enter The Title Of Your Discussion (ex. Four Strokes Are Better Because. )

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Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)
Yamaha PW50 (2-stork)

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