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I tried to do a bit of cut-n-paste from the XTX it’s a bit of a mess to wade my apoligies

XTX vs Suzuki DL650

How would you compare the XTX with the V-Strom.

I’m quite new to bikes and quite tall – 6’4” and … so from what I understand, the XTX and V-Strom, being tall would be a good fit. I get the impression that both are agile bikes — in the so called “twisties”. That to me – high speed does

What appeals to me about the is the V-twin engine that you an extra 20hp over the 660 I also wonder if you get more for the with the V-Strom … since it its engine with the popular … an economies of scale issue. – I if it is not a more refined machine all. On top of that, it is clear the V-Strom would be a much comfortable bike for longer and touring.

I wonder how these two would compare on a twisty Could the V-Strom stand its

Anyway, I’m feeling more and serious about getting a … and these two are standing out for me. I really see as being quite similar is ways but still quite Any thoughts on the matter will be


my advice to you would be to about what you want the for.

although a little the xt and dl are very different bikes and

for different things. if you are thinking of and also do a fairly

long then i’d lean the dl.

if back-road scratching, short and hooning around are your

then the xt is better. if you’re 2 up the dl is better, my missus having a number of bikes HATES the xt for pillion.

having owned an the v-twin engine is really i wish something

but again it who you ask, everyone has a different on

bikes so it really is up to you!

like a wet fart in the night,

the xt swoops in and

lets rip a raspberry of proportions,

oh remus, where thou now remus.

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Country: i would say get bike on a test ride and see u find the best one that you. as everyone has different on dufferent bike and your the person who nows what you out of the bike your gonna your money on.




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Country: Matt, I agree … ideally I would test both and evaluate first how I feel on each. Unfortunately, I feel that I have the as a rider to really be sure … me a couple of pairs of skis or ski and I would have no trouble which ones are right for me. I thought some forum may have had some experience on these bikes and may be able to and contrast the riding experience.

– I do really like the sound of scratching, short commutes and around”. I’ve heard use the expression “grin factor” to the XTX … I want that. So, how much for each bike is what I to know.

The XTX appears to be a “soft” supermotard. It has little sportsbike in it. The V-Strom 650 to me to be in between a supermotard and a sportsbike … you get a of supermotard and a chunk of sportsbike … and you can on it too.

So you may lose some factor” in some twisties but you get more back with the 20hp from the smooth And on the V-Strom sites owners to rave about the 650 in the twisties to you guys.

Also, it seems that as soon as you get the XTX you are compelled the a pile of things to get the best When reading V-Strom it appears that the bike is good strait out of the box. The mod is to lower it for shorter riders.

sound like a good for me since I am too tall for most

By the way, I am playing devils here – I really do think the XTX is a … bike — been only inches putting my money down on it on a of occasions.


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Yamaha XT 660 R Supermotard

I went a ZX7r and a ZX12r to the Xtx and havn’t it yet, you dont need to much on the bike really it all down to personal preference. To be i think that alot is of the bike, most people ridden multi cylinder bikes before getting on an Xt and i the little problems that talk about here on the are part of its character it is never to be smooth. But i suppose being an of an xt i am biased, dont like the much.

You can tour quite on the Xt but motorways can get boring stick to the

Matt is correct, you need to ride both.

When you ride a bike take it on the of roads you are going to be riding on and ride it how you will, just its a demo it doesnt mean you to be all sensible and ride like an I have done this and bought a bike thats me.

With regard to the 2 bikes.

The DL is more useable than the XT and the XT is focussed.

The DL will probably more fuel and go through quicker than the XT.

You are nice and but the DL is a very large bike, heavy and wide. The XT is slimmer and In turn the XT might be more on the road than the DL due to its power to ratio.

Yamahas have paint finishes but Suzuki Theyre about the same

Another advantaged touched on is the useability of the XT. Pillion isnt fun and motorways are hell. I have a screen on my XT and its good but the bike enjoy maintained high on the motorways.

The DL will breeze and a pillion with enjoy its more.

I have only had my XTX for 3 and am loving it even though its in the with a slight problem. used to a single is quite at first, I am used to the engine from riding my V-Twin but its take a while to get to know bike and its characteristics.

Go have a test ride on both and take it from Let us all know how you get on though



Country: Interesting thread.

The that would put me off the DL is the weight of it, reading the specs its a good heavier than the XTX. It have a more powerful but then its got to power a heavier

The DL has a 19 inch front wheel, 2 pot caliper, detuned SV lump i reckon you’d be better of the DL 650 to the XTR instead of the XTX.



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