Compare Honda motorcycle NC 700 X vs Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: Diversion is the X

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Yamaha XJ6

Honda motorcycle NC 700 X vs Yamaha XJ6

After a first round against a reference trail road, the Suzuki 650 V-Strom 2012, it is time to oppose the new Honda NC 700  X 4 cylinder to a road, able to satisfy both beginners and experienced bikers. The arguments “ classic “ of the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion will they measure up to those of the new Honda crossover? Verdict …

Honda NC 700 X vs Yamaha XJ6 Diversion S: The comparative

We saw in our first comparison against the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom that the new Honda NC 700 X is almost as a roadster a trail road. Moreover, a user of Honda Transalp 600 crossed in Reims during our test, let go, “ the new Honda? I’d say it half a trail. “ There, wrapped it weighed.

And there is nothing surprising in this respect, since the new Honda NC 700 X is based on a platform “ multifunction “ ( Trail, Roadster and maxi scooter ) and also offers an ergonomic hybrid. When you jump from one seat to another, calling it truth, or usefulness of comparisons.

On the Honda, it does not suffer too much the feeling of climbing, despite a saddle 830 mm, 45 mm more than the Yamaha, so a gap. Then, the Honda NC 700 X offers very relaxed position, with legs and arms folded under more relaxed and removed as the Diversion. So much for the trail – and so relaxing – the Honda.

The Yamaha XJ6 . the saddle really lower (785 mm) will be a real asset for small jigs and the fairer sex. It will be crucial in the U-turns, stops on slippery surfaces and all situations where it is beneficial to place one foot flat frankly.

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: DNA Motorcycle School

The stripped version of the Diversion, the Yamaha XJ6 . many motorcycle school team: we understand why the Diversion is so easy to understand. But yet the Honda NC 700 X advance other arguments. First, between the flexibility of controls, the box more smooth than the Yamaha, injection free of a sudden, we must recognize that the Honda NC 700  X is not without approval.

It also shines better than the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion and – thanks to its upright position and ergonomics typical trail – it requires less effort when sneaks.

City and suburban roads, we drive “ to cool “ on the Honda, but very soon, we discover an unusual engine use. It delivers an immediate torque ( maximum value is located just 4856 r / min ) at the opening of the throttle. This gives almost a side “ punchy “ when starting on the hubcaps.

But the illusion did not last long and it is faced with an extension almost non-existent. The twin of the Honda NC 700 X does not couple to the power like most modern motorcycle engines and cutting its impulses to 6500 rev / min in a shaking switch

Tails the moment chosen for the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion place extends all typical 4-cylinder. As for performance, one suspects, the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion easily clears the Honda NC 700 X at the lower stretch. 24.4 hp. between them over anyway.

Furthermore, the Yamaha is capitalizing on the origins of its mechanical sports, with a thrust which is growing, a sound that is sounding the air box … short, when you push the bottom third, as we know. Most probably enjoy sports.

Honda NC 700 X. Rest and reasonable

But if performance is a general accreditation something – something that makes sense on a daily basis – is another. Placed on the Honda, I try to rewind or advance me a few millimeters to find the best position, which will spare me the turbulence created by the bubble rather small, while watching the highway Champagne.

The parallel twin seems frozen at 4000 r / min and obviously evil at the root command a stop before fatigue or boredom. Diversion on the pace highlights legal protection actually quite decent, better than the Honda. The times, once again relegate the Honda NC 700 X . and for good reason … The new Honda takes a long time in the sixth when the Yamaha takes very short in the sixth: 3 000 r / min difference for a cylinder neighbor.

The Honda NC 700 then X supports a rotational speed down to also include its use as the Yamaha takes to boost short times. So, obviously, the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion takes the left lane highways with no complex, but its “mill” to 130 km / h and more, quickly becomes boring and you point out in the Maxitest. You can not have everything.

Town and country: Honda NC 700 X defends

If Honda is losing ground in raw performance, the Honda-style returns in law. On smaller roads, walking mode, it defends itself with a good torque and comfort slightly higher ( more relaxed riding position, saddle less firm ) . In addition, she did not leave after a with chassis similar to that of a roadster with its 17-inch wheels. Thanks to a center of gravity lower than the Yamaha, the Honda NC700X twirls in the pif-PAFS with great lightness and ease.

Better still, it allows for more improvisation with his big handlebar that offers quite a lever arm.

The suspensions are more flexible on the Honda also participate in comfort, but do not harm or little driving precision. In fact, if we want to have fun while cornering, the Honda can easily stick to the train of Yamaha. The latter is more rigid, which is felt as input curve: the Diversion looks more “block”.

In addition, the fork debate goes back more gradually and less when you start forcing the handlebars. But on small poorly paved roads, it requires more effort despite the excellent security of the Michelin Pilot Road 3 up ( against Bridgestone BT 21 series ).

The Honda, no less effective, is often more natural. Surprisingly, his only front brake disc is not a problem in current use. Probably inhibits the Yamaha XJ6 she stronger, but never shows Honda NC700X dangerous. Side approval, the braking of the Yamaha is good, but the outbreak of the ABS produces a slight rebound in the brake pedal.

And if one insists, the bike extension as expected slowdown of its distance, making pumping suspensions in the process. Honda ABS control devices and full approval is still here in the game.

Conclusion: Two different philosophies

Back in town, we choose to park in a large place. Operation Seduction – practical tendency – for Honda: just open the safe located in the wrong tank to take the lock and swipe his helmet and go for window shopping, hands in pockets. On the Yamaha is no salvation: the “U” must be properly chosen to buy the bike, otherwise it will go through the box-top box or tank bag … and it will be to carry around the headphones.

Everyone will not be 100% sensitive to this type of practical argument, especially since the Yamaha has a center stand as standard, unlike the Honda. But those who have tasted the Aprilia Mana for example, have become addicted.

Finally, these two bikes are very close in points that can give them, but further away from philosophy. The Honda is the practical, the flexibility of daily use, some form of ease and peace of use. And it will be even more the case with the double-clutch automatic transmission (DCT). This pack of approval “ useful “ exchanged against € 6,490. The Yamaha XJ6 Diversion in proposing it more?

As for performance, for sure. Approval side, it is less so. Certainly, it allows more fun, with its sporty engine character, but this character is sometimes boring. Too bad.

It is still quite a good tool on a daily basis and shows competitive € 6 990.

Honda NC 700 X

Yamaha XJ6
Yamaha XJ6
Yamaha XJ6
Yamaha XJ6

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