Motorbike: 2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Motorcycle pictures, review and…

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Motorbike: 2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Motorcycle pictures, review and specifications

Wednesday, June 26th 2013. – motorcycles

2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Motorcycle pictures, review as good as specifications a singular of motorbike parts details. Here motorcycles as good as motor bike information, happy to read 2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Motorcycle pictures, review as good as specifications information.

2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer

Long low impression in a scaled down package with a windshield, leather-wrapped tough bags, as good as a newcomer backrest…

2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Review

You Are Free to Go.

Fully versed with windshield, newcomer backrest as good as tanned censor wrapped tough sidebags, a impulse we lift your 2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer onto a on-ramp, a categorical categorical highway is yours.

Check out a ultimate infrequent furloughed cruiser which is fun to ride, easy to work as good as easy to afford.

The V-Star 950 features a full distance chassis, tall peculiarity fit as good as finish as good as a many sought after furloughed items. A fuel injected 942cc V-Twin takes caring of a “go” whilst a super low chair height, light flexible doing as good as windshield as good as saddlebags will interest to maestro as good as “newbie” riders alike.

2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Key Features

US MPG Fuel Consumption: 47 mpg; Fuel Consumption ± 20kpl/57mpg(Imp)

Air-cooled, 942cc, SOHC, 4-valve, V-Twin powerplant

Long, low, flexible framework with windshield, backrest saddlebags

The V Star 950 Tourer rolls out with a windshield, leather-wrapped tough sidebags, as good as a newcomer backrest all standard, ready for a open categorical highway or a invert to propagandize or work.

V Star 950 is a benchmark in a entrance cruiser furloughed class, delectable to seasoned riders as good as those seeking for a accessible entry-level cruiser. The air-cooled V-twin delivers copiousness of distinctive, big-cruiser impression as good as pulsing hanging ornament feel. Seat

height is an extra-low 26.6 inches. The full-sized framework has a long, low demeanour as good as provides atmospheric comfort. Handling is sporty

and responsive, good for curvy back roads as good as travelling around locale as good as open-highway cruising. No consternation V-Twin Magazine declared V Star 950 a 2009 “Metric of a Year”!

The 942cc 60° V-twin engine is both elementary as good as sophisticated. Sure, there’s no-fuss air cooling for normal looks. But inside you’ll find a reason for a surprisingly energetic performance: four-valve cylinder heads, ceramic-composite-lined cylinders,

forged aluminum pistons, as good as fuel injection. The meticulously tuned 2-into-1 empty complement has a guttural empty note, as good as additionally 3-way make a difference record to revoke air pollution.

The delicately written framework contributes to an unusually light feeling riders are certain to appreciate. The double-cradle steel categorical await offers an preferred acerbity shift in a longitudinal, lateral, as good as torsional directions, regulating a engine as a stressed member. With a engine ascent on all sides somewhat brazen for best front-rear weight placement as good as its large, 18-inch front wheel, V Star

950 Tourer has superb doing performance.

The V Star 950 Tourer achieves fuel manage to buy up to an estimated 47 mpg* with a fuel tank which binds 4.5 gallons of gas.

Fenders are genuine steel, front as good as rear. That adds to a peculiarity demeanour as good as feel, as good as creates customization easier.

2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer Features as good as Benefits


•942cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, 60° V-twin produces superb low- as good as mid-range hanging ornament – limit hanging ornament is reached at usually 3,500 rpm – for well-developed cruising opening as good as comfort.

•One-piece cylinder heads feature 4-valves per cylinder to yield best volumetric or stuffing potency for limit energy output. More fuel / air reduction entering a explosion cover equates to increasing energy output. Two not as big money coming in valves concede some-more air upsurge than a singular vast valve.

Two not as big valves (lighter) additionally concede for aloft rpms.

•Pent roof tiles sort explosion cover pattern with optimized smash area forces a fuel / air reduction toward a centre of a explosion cover (and a mainly located prolonged strech hint plug) for faster, some-more finish explosion as good as in spin softened energy as good as marked down emissions.

•Cylinder heads feature discriminating fins for a peculiarity appearance, whilst a cylinder conduct covers are chromed.

•The SOHC valve steer features 31.5mm money coming in as good as 28mm empty valves with singular valve springs which revoke attrition as good as energy losses. Specially written “Y” made drum rocker arms spin on a valves. The drum rocker complement features a needle temperament rotating opposite a camshaft permitting a lift of 2 valves at a same time though producing extreme camshaft wear as good as friction.

•Auto adjusting cam sequence tensioners are used to revoke automatic engine sound as good as maintenance

•Lightweight “liner-less” aluminium cylinders feature ceramic combination plating for higher feverishness abolition for softened cooling, reduction friction, marked down weight as good as longer use life.

•Single pin impression crankshaft is used to raise engine impression as good as empty note.

•Flat top, forged, lightweight aluminium pistons yield glorious continuance whilst shortening reciprocating mass for quick stifle response.

•Wet sump oil smoothness complement features an easy access spin-on sort oil filter. Traditional dipstick is used to check oil level.

•Classic side mounted, vast capacity, 3 litre air box houses an easy access, high-flow gelatinous paper-type filter. Its pattern highlights as good as respect a V-twin engine appearance. The outdoor cover is chromed.

•Dual bore, 35mm stifle physique fuel injection complement with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) as good as ISC (Idle Speed Control). This is a “closed loop” complement which utilizes a exhilarated oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor feeds back info to a ECU which in spin adjusts a fuel/air reduction for limit energy with smallest emissions.

The oxygen sensor is located prior to a mufflers, so a use of a slip-on scarf will not start this system.

•4-hole, 2-directional spray, Denso injectors are used for glorious fuel atomization as good as some-more finish explosion cover filling. There is a singular injector per cylinder.

•Fuel injection benefits embody softened fuel economy; stifle reduction starting, marked down emissions, as good as smoother drivability. The XVS950 has been tuned to yield a unequivocally “linear” stifle reply for easy riding.

•Powerful 32 bit ECU controls a ignition mapping as good as fuel injection process.

•Maintenance-free transistor tranquil ignition (T.C.I.) provides a hot hint for quick starts as good as clever engine performance.

•Stylish 2 in to 1 empty complement features a 3-way honeycomb-type catalyzer at a entrance indicate to a muffler. The catalyser reduces damaging empty emissions, whilst a “dual theatre type” scarf produces a low, guttural V-Twin empty note.

•One-way clutch-type electric starter decreases automatic sound during starting.

•Multi-plate “outer lift type’” soppy purchase is used. Lever lift is light as good as easy.

•5-speed delivery features optimized gear ratios for glorious city as good as categorical categorical highway drivability. Transmission gears use “straight cut dogs” for smooth, certain shifting. 5th gear delivers superb cruising opening as good as marked down rpms at categorical categorical highway speed

•One square classical heel-and-toe shifter adds flexibility as good as enhances a altogether cruising experience.

•Clean, still leather leather leather leather belt expostulate complement is intensely low upkeep as good as simplifies customization. The leather leather leather leather belt features “Aramid” cords for glorious strength as good as marked down stretching.

•Air Induction System (A.I.S.) reduces damaging CO as good as HC empty emissions.

•Numerous chromed engine parts strengthen this motorcycle’s peculiarity image.

Chassis as good as Suspension:

•Double cradle steel await offers ample ergonomics, good doing as good as a low chair height. This await utilizes a 4-point firm engine ascent complement to optimize a altogether acerbity shift for higher handling. The engine is a stressed part of of a frame. Rake is 32 degrees.

The engine is mounted low in a framework to yield a low core of sobriety for a light, easy doing feel.

•”Box section” steel swingarm respect a frame

•The V-Star 950 features a singular of a lowest chair heights in its category (675mm / 26.6″), creation it unequivocally easy for many riders to place both feet prosaic on a ground, an critical benefit for beginner or shorter riders.

•The prolonged (1685mm / 66″) wheelbase provides unequivocally fast as good as predicted doing at all speeds. Both of these benefits will assistance teach certainty in beginner riders.

•”New Style Classic” physique pattern is formed on a singular streamline using along a complete physique surface. This in vogue pattern highlights a low, lean, as good as sportier picture than required retro-style cruisers. The long, low pattern equates to atmospheric ergonomics with lots of leg room, which maximizes both rider as good as newcomer comfort.

•Beefy 41mm front flare features in vogue large-diameter brushed-finished flare covers. Wheel transport is 135mm (5.3″) for a smooth, gentle ride.

•Monocross style, single-shock, bottom couple rear cessation centralizes mass for light, flexible handling. The linkage complement provides a taking flight rate or on-going outcome which provides glorious correspondence on tiny bumps afterwards increases in trust for vast bumps.

•Spring preload tractable rear startle is plumb mounted at a back of a engine as good as is tucked out of steer for which clean, classical “hardtail” look. Rear wheel transport is 110mm (4.3″). The 9 positions of open preload composition allows a rider to tailor open preload to fit rider weight, bucket as good as categorical highway conditions.

Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer
Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer

•Single, vast 320mm front front stop features a pin slip – sort caliper with identical tiwn pistons for strong, confidence-inspiring interlude power.

•298 mm rear front stop is squeezed by singular piston caliper mounted to a underside of a swingarm. This pattern not usually helps to censor a caliper though additionally lowers a core of sobriety for light handling.

•Pull back 1 in. hole handlebars are easy to strech as good as raise a roving on all sides for glorious rider comfort. Chromed club finish weights revoke quivering for glorious rider comfort.

•17 litre teardrop made fuel tank respect a long, low “New Style Classic” physique line. The haven apportionment of a tank is 3.7 litres.

•Separate rider as good as newcomer seats offers glorious joy as good as await for all day roving fun. Rider chair tallness is usually 675mm or 26.6 inches off a ground. The front apportionment of a rider chair is slight to make it even simpler to hold a ground.

The newcomer apportionment of a chair can simply be private if desired.

•Leather lonesome tough bombard saddlebags feature a in vogue slim pattern as good as are lockable for additional security.

•Passenger backrest with embossed Star trademark provides which additional assent of thoughts for a passenger.

•Medium tallness windshield features chrome accents as good as a executive Star trademark which enhances a unit’s altogether styling. This windshield offers glorious breeze as good as continue word as good as can be simply private with usually 4 bolts.

•Front as good as rear fenders are made of steel for easy customization as good as denote a peculiarity of build.

•Full-size, “floating-type” rider floorboards are ample as good as absolutely positioned whilst additionally assisting revoke vibration. There is a replaceable “scraper” on a reduce corner of a footboard.

•Lightweight 8-spoke expel aluminium wheels are propitious far-reaching tubeless tires. These in vogue wheels feature a “split” spoke design. The rear expostulate pulley matches a wheel.

Front wheel is 3.50 inches far-reaching propitious with a 130/70-18 disposition tire, whilst a rear is 4.5 inches far-reaching propitious with a 170/70-16 disposition tire.

•Fuel tank mounted instrument features an analog speedometer, digital odometer, twin tripmeters, low fuel tripmeter, time as good as low fuel notice light. The instrument enlightenment can practiced to fit a rider’s welfare around a RHS switch gear.

•Handlebar switch gear allows a user to shift instrument scale functions around buttons on a RHS handlebar switch, thereby expelling a need to take your hands off a bars to “tab through” a categorical instrument functions.

•60/55 watt tall power halogen headlight emphasizes a “New Style Classic” physique styling. The headlight is tractable up as good as down as good as left as good as right.

•Convenient pre-wired appendage plug-in for flitting lamps inside a headlight shell.

Additional Features:

•Industry-leading Star family fit as good as finish features rich, sleek paint as good as endless chrome accents formulating a appurtenance as overwhelming as it is powerful.

•Extra far-reaching brushed aluminium front stop as good as purchase levers yield a peculiarity feel.

•High outlay 460 watt generator.

•In tank electric fuel pump.

•Low-maintenance, compact, hermetic battery ensures fuss-free, constant starting.

•Steering tighten is integrated in to a categorical ignition switch for additional convenience.

•Self-cancelling spin signals.

•Conventional newcomer feet pegs.

•Excessive gaunt point of view sensor will stop a engine in a eventuality of a tip over.

•Convenient underneath chair steel sheet holder

•Upper reduce leather leather leather leather belt covers assistance forestall waste from entering a leather leather leather leather belt as good as pulley areas.

•Stylish transparent vigilance lenses.

•Convenient pre-wired appendage block for flitting lamps inside a headlight shell.

2013 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer

Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer
Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer
Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer
Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer
Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer
Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer

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