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Yamaha RD 250

The TZ / RD chassis, if you are the right body will allow you to hang off to the and to put your left knee on the top of the cover. When you put some of weight onto the top of the cover, than trying to hang you out in the breeze, the entire bike MUCH more stable.

To the put your knee on the oil pump (a bit more difficult) If you are hanging off to the take your right with the ball of your on the footpeg (if pegs placed and wedge it below and under the side cover. Probably to rebend the kick starter. goes for the left side.

Other famous cheats:

Pat E. Drove around in the old, widened Cycle World sponsored by magazine editor, Rode a CB400 Hawk. about everybody else who RDs and how badly they all cheated. He was one of the diversionary cheats.

He used a standard wire disc braked front from a different model, so he run a wider, lighter front and a disc brake. Nobody it out till the bike had been The original Hawk came a disc braked Comstar OR a drum braked wire wheel — but NEVER a spoked, disc braked Gee, we were fooled by guys!

I think, maybe it was a wheel hub.

He was the only who ever protested me and won. was for using a front stainless brake line. The whole was that it was a local race, I early to the shop on Sunday, the bike into the back of my 63 pickup or ute. As I left the lot I looked back in the rearview and saw my front brake line from a fall that during the last race

I turned around and put the only line that we had that fit and I wouldn’t get fired for using get fired for stripping a new bike)! It to be a stainless line from he department. I took a chance as far as a protest, and well, got caught. have won the championship that if not for that.

Oh well!

D. — Ran around and anybody and everybody he could. It like he did it every race. just my memories of the late early 80’s — but not too far Was the same guy who grabbed my right with his left hand and to pull himself past me on the left hand straight to the line. He let go when he saw a right raise up and place itself in front of his faceshield (very when I was younger!).

Of course, he was pulling on my knee, it was behind a not in view of anybody. When I my leg to threaten, well, naturally, it was as the ended and EVERYBODY at the finish watched as I kicked off the challenge by D. A and the win. Would I ever another rider to cause

Not really.

Got D. back though a of times — once, ran the TZ during a race. Lighter and rigid than my braced R5 fender, though it didn’t lap times. At the end of the race, I pulled the pits and Deborah and I unscrewed the 4 6mm in a frenzy, grabbed the TZ fender, the hood of the 63 Chevy and threw it the engine compartment and slammed the shut.

On went the heavy, R5 fender. A minute later, D. over and looks at my bike. He puzzled. He says, I thought you were using a different fender. I said Oh.

He stared a bit and walked away.

The other was that, the kickstarter. which to the rulebook, may not be removed had folded out in of my shin in practice and was in the way in general I took it off and zip tied it under the The rulebook said you couldn’t it, it didn’t say you couldn’t move it. So, the race, D. comes over, as to look at every competitor’s He inspects the bike and asks why I my kickstarter.

Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250

I think I told him to just go 10 minutes later, D. Bill (the Race Director), and the horde of protest monger comes over and surrounds the Bill says D. here you removed your kick No, I didn’t — don’t you see it? No.

I got out of my went over to the bike and it over a little bit — See it, No. Leaned the bike over a bit See it? No. A bit more and Bill sees it under the engine.

Hmmm he says. I tell him the rulebook says that you remove it — it doesn’t say you move it. He opens the rulebook and the book to himself. Without a he turns to D. says Sorry, D. a chuckle and walked away.

D. standing there.

As far as extra stuff in this production — the top guys in the class themselves (between themselves). We much did the same things to our to keep the rider skill in the top 3, the deciding factor. I can’t of any thing that any one of the RD guys did was a clear cut, race change.

It still all came to what happened on the last lap in — who got lucky and who got skunked in Gennady Liubimsky and I split at about a 50/50 ratio. At time, D. wasn’t a potential — though, later, D. as quick as we did, maybe quicker, and won a fair amount of races.

But, later, I do remember him protested in a different class for a motor or something similar and

So if you think nobodies cheating. be be careful and be RIGHT when you

Submitted by C. Grebsivlas

Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250
Yamaha RD 250


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