Yamaha Virago XV 535 Custom Cruiser, Full Road Review Complete How To…

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Yamaha XV 535

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Arwin Sounds nice… thanks for Video. I´m looking for a bike to with, I´m just starting motorcycles and I´m still looking for the one for the beginning. D Would I be able to with that Bike. D

Max Media: Great review. I a Virago 250 that I modded and I the bike. These little are great little motorcycles. handle and sound fantastic!

what is the top speed?

spidiq8: for the kind words. Unfortunately I nothing about the 500, it have been a model wasn’t sold in the UK as i’m unfamiliar with it. If it’s a V then they’re all very in design and reliability, only i’d say is the older it is, the more you need to check it over for and tear but all the models of virago seen are typically well after and sturdy.

spidiq8: The UK market is currently in a slump, the thing selling well are nearly new and rare. I haven’t the going rate for the virago in a while but know a few people bought tidy ones for £700 — £900 I consider a bargain, these tend to have been after, maintained and not mercilessly and a couple of years ago you’d be at £1500 for a good one and more for

lastonejay: I have a 96 and it hasn’t let me in the 10 years I’ve had it. Everything you mentioned in this video is on. Although I would like a bike I just can’t to part with it.

spidiq8: glad you enjoyed. Shift on the 535 is 1 down, 2345 up, neutral 1 and 2 just standard Japanese foot shift pattern.

spidiq8: It’ll cruise at 80, if the headwind is strong it can be a problem the upright seating position but an aftermarket highway screen sort that.

Doug D: thanks1

spidiq8: On long maybe, the only way to know is to try it but if you cramped on one of these you would on bikes apart from ‘adventure’ styled machines. You can get pegs and forward controls

spidiq8: Thankyou, i’m you enjoyed it and I hope it was useful. )

Im 6´1 with 32-34 inseam and was my first bike back in 09. Its a first bike but I found wanting to take it to a shop to see if the foot brake and the shifter was possible and maybe raising the bar. My legs felt too and I honestly think I looked on a small bike. Still the bike in my garage to this day I just turn it on here and it around the block to stretch its :)

spidiq8: Thanks, glad you A great bike and i’m you’d enjoy it if you get one.

you mentioned the switch gear on the i am new to this so i wondered what it when it is a manual gearbox

Hi great review. I was looking at one of these but like you i have about the fuel tank situation. I have been at a few on ebay but really dont what looks ok and what be a con. Is it possible to fit a bigger tank to this bike? I am to buy one its just sometimes finding a that is 18 yr old had 8 owners and still has 9800 miles seems a bit sus to me.

But you cos i didnt know these were made till

spidiq8: Just checked on and and the sound is there and fine. a localised setting specific to country? though i’ve had anyone saying they problems with sound.

Boy: Hey this is a great could you tell me if these are the exhausts please?

oOVirileOo: for the review, very helpful. work :)

spidiq8: Theres no way at all the tank was 1.5 gallon, and going one a of people I knew who owned the models I recall they to get 90-100 miles before

DJ Joyride (US): This was my bike. The 750cc model, and it was

Karl ace: This is a good review for a good bike. I may even buy one now. up the good work spidiq8

Blakely: Sorry could not get to you sooner. Well me and the HARLEY get on, i’m short and not very ( I know you can balance on any size I found it very heavy to around in idle eg in and out of garage and I have a problem with an old and scar on my right hand and it very sore on any length of run as the bar had me leaning my hand hard the scar on the heel of my hand.

I forward controls and Harley add on are to long for me.

Joyce Blakely: I would prefer the v twin I will be going for the Varigo as I be tourig and rallying with on his BMW, I really liked the the info was very helpful. I the Harley not all they were up to be, thats why Im going back to a mid cruiser as I like the forward and lighter bike. You say the pipe if you hit it with your leg, you wrap the pipe to fix this. wrong with the Bullet Id love one myself I love style bikes)

Joel S: I have thought buying a 535 for a long time. review was very helpful and well done. Easy to see a lot of was spent putting this

Thank you for your efforts and on a job well done.

EazyDuz18: takes a while to get there DO NOT buy this bike or any other for speed, they are for posing and at up to 70mph comfortably

Sale669: review man. What’s the speed of 535 Virago, I mean max. and decent engine max?

spidiq8: No problem. I she enjoys it, the only things to for are the angled brass battery vibrating loose which very sluggish starting, (if I loctited mine. and the Carb if it’s been sat unused for any of time. Otherwise I couldn’t mine, (maybe a bigger tank!)

Cyrus Stothard: Is any cheap and reliable 400 cruisers in the uk or northern Ireland thanks

Many thanks for your review. As a result my wife one

Not that straightforward, it means the control gear etc. The option is a pair of aftermarket pegs which are just

spidiq8: The honda shadow was several years after the additionally the Virago range had running a long time the 535 / 700 / 1100 model with focused cruiser styling had released.

Frost Boy: Hi is a really good video. you tell me if the xv535 comfortable at speed? Thanks

TheArmyAintCod: my xv 500 83 tomorrow for my first bike passing my test on the 6th! wait such a nice

spidiq8: Thanks for the kind This exhaust is an aftermarket one on teh stock system and is baffled but not as as the stock one, the sound is the same, just slightly on the stock system. Nothing a few mods with a carefully power drill won’t 😉

Yamaha XV 535

Capsicumchinense: It’s rare to see a well organized, nicely articulate review on YouTube. done, sir. -A Colonial

Dulaya Saennok: Is it me or is this muted?

spidiq8: Technically no, more a case of will you be too to be comfortable on the bike for journeys of the you will be doing, I know 6ft people who ride these at distances with no problem, find it too cramped over though, best thing to do is try to one you can sit on and try it out see what you think

spidiq8: glad you enjoyed it, the Virago is a bike, you’d only be if you expect extreme performance

They are a great bike, a first ‘big bike’ but you might find it a bit cramped on the on a long run. Best to do is go and look at a few and if possible have a ride of a decent distance or if not sit on one and see you think, height is a subjective to base bike comfort on, more relative to body vs leg length, if you’re tall but short legs for your it should be pretty comfy, if you long legs, maybe Enjoy if you get one

CleverDjembe: why not just the pegs?

Jeremiah G: Hi I’m new to bikes if I had one of this bikes how I start it

spidiq8: I don’t if there was a difference stateside but I can you with absolute certainty the tank was ridiculously tiny, have been lucky to fit 2L of in there, though I never i’d honestly say closer to a it was more like an emergency feature, the only benefit was not to pop the seat to refuel. I think I 115 miles at best before to reserve and with the failure of the electric switch I just risk it.

Jesse De Reu: Thank you for this review, covers everything I need to know. seriously thinking of buying Just not entirely sure of the a friend suggested to go for a bigger one the 1100 right away. But new to bikes I think I’d this one better.

Just one question: does the sound of the in the vid come from having its removed, or does it always this wonderful sound?

jason parks: do all virago have the same exhaust or did you customise the virago in your ie maybe taking the mufflers

spidiq8: I have no experience the 250, I would guess wise it’s very but it will certainly be more the 535 is not a quickest and if you want a bit more I think the 250 will lose appeal very quickly for depends on what you’re to riding I guess or where you for highway work definitely, the the better.

Ali Hallal: im lookin to get the yamaha virago 500cc how is compared to the 95? i see similarties but differences as isthe 85 more sporty? is it good for a beginer? thanks! video btw

iamthefatstig: Speaking as an ex rider, your reviews are by far the honest and informative on you tube and in a magazine. Far, far better and honesty than a certain bog roll that comes out of Keep up the good words.

Nice to see a warts n all review of a without it being sponsored by xyz. I currently ride a Vmax 1200 purely one of my early bikes was an XV535. I stress how much that little machine did for my life.

Restrictions on carbed bikes are very simple. Baffles in the Washers restricting flow in the to exhaust joint or washers airflow in the carburettor inlet All easy to remove, check the first as the carbs are a pig to get back in.

If it’s definitely not the plugs and firing on the rear cylinder the logical progression would be the integrity of the HT circuit, check for shorts etc (darkened shed/garage/at is easiest to spot tracking), try replacing the cap, leads (you can also swap the round to see if that makes a I can’t remember now if they run off one or seperate ones, if seperate, swap over the HT leads and see if it check the LT side too.

Really nice Video. I´m in getting one as soon as I can. an old fashioned buy reliable motorcycle. put my hands on her!


Virago XV 535 Custom cruiser, road review complete 4.8 out of 5

Yamaha XV 535
Yamaha XV 535
Yamaha XV 535
Yamaha XV 535
Yamaha XV 535


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