Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: Docile but not sad

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Yamaha XJ6

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: Docile but not sad

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2009 Yamaha complete its range of medium displacement with the XJ6 and Yamaha XJ6 Diversion. Back to basics for the brand with the tuning fork that has already enjoyed success in the 90′s with the XJ 600 first name. Diversion and the new millennium has nothing to envy, on the contrary …

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: The complete test

While Yamaha has a rich range of many models, including its line FZ6 is a great success for several years, one might ask why the brand introduced a new mid-displacement with the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion . But on closer inspection, one can consider that the FZ6 Fazer motorcycle ranks as one economic trend developing sport with its mechanics almost 100 horses. Thus, if the arrival of a new diversion could not seem a “ strong coffee “ on paper, his interest soon became clear we taking the handlebars, first in its Naked tried last December, then in this streamlined version Diversion, we offer you this first contact in almost direct live in Australia, where we have to let go of the handlebars of her older sister Yamaha R1 2009.

A fairing nicely reported

To design the Diversion, Yamaha went the roadster version with which it shares headlight and instrument panel, this time embellished with a fairing. Transplant has taken, and rather beautiful way. This additional skin does not “ patch “ and its attachments seem honest. While the forms typed “ Manga “ may not appeal to everyone.

However, without showing off with noble materials, Yamaha was able to make a Diversion motorcycle rewarding. And it’s not bad for a middleweight! By the turn of the owner, there are differences of colors with the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion takes the gold rims, but abandon as magnesium housings roadster.

Many subtle nuances in the end.

No need to lift the leg up to climb on board, the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion demonstrated goodwill towards templates means. The saddle at 785 mm from the ground, remains in the low average for the category. Its small size ensures that the highest number of put your feet flat on the floor, and even one meter seventy, one can easily meet the Diversion of a slope.

The space on board appears identical to that of the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion . According to Yamaha, the proportions have been carefully selected and this is true for use : large and small are feeling well on board. Note that the handlebars can be advanced or decreased by 20 mm by turning the bridges, the difference is not obvious. Note also that the fairing has a generous volume.

It is time to leave the center stand as standard ( optional on the XJ6 ) and slide the transponder key into the ignition.

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: Good “asset iron”

Reading the data sheet does not cause the diversion of special excitement. For his middleweight road price of Appeal, Yamaha has chosen to overlook the materials. Frame and swingarm rely on steel and brake calipers are limited to two pistons. However, it works with a remarkable homogeneity.

During the first few meters in town, trust prevails immediately. Views of the floor, nice position, instinctive handling, in short, everything you need to reassure me at the launch press in Australian land where they drive on the left. But more than reassure the Diversion seduced. As his sister Yamaha XJ6. it shows a docile, full of joviality. The engine is illustrated by a very smooth operation.

Injection electronic transmission, all works smoothly. No blip at the throttle, just as abruptly or slam particular when shifting. In this area, the Diversion brand big points against its congener, the FZ6 Fazer, which shows at least dry side including gearbox. Then measured more work done on the basis of the same engine block ( see section “ To remember “ ) .

Add to that a distinct feel.

Flexible at low revs, the four cylinders of various meanings to leave on a light throttle at idle on the interim reports ( especially brilliant third ) . What frolicking in the city without all the time watch the tachometer or worrying about the current gear, even if the selection is nice. Note also that the contribution of the fairing did not make “ clumsy “ diversion, although it has the same dimensions of the chassis.

Sex appeal aside, the hum of the air box at times at low engine speeds brings new sensations, like the full sound of the exhaust, placed at the base of the ears. In fifteen minutes of driving, two U-turns and a handful of stops at traffic lights, no doubt more urban capacity of the diversion. In daily use, she is efficient and not sad.

Yet to hit the road.

Simplicity, efficiency

The landscape scrolls along the four lanes. A 120 km / h on the clock, it has good protection. No tub if one comes forward or backward on the saddle, the bust as the helmet seems spared.

The times to pick up the group of other days of the testers did not need to stiffen the neck, protection “ guarantees “ to the gait even higher. Later, the exchanges between professionals from the pen at lunch showed that protection was appropriate for a wide range of templates. It’s time to head aero glory! However, the shortened transmission of Diversion may in some boring highways.

As the Yamaha XJ6 . the engine is running at a good 7000 r / min to 130 km / h. We would have liked a sixth as “ overdrive “ on Diversion. Our little group then takes the secondary network in Australia.

The appearance of the roads is somewhat reminiscent of those found in the United States. And it’s not necessarily a compliment to the quality … But all the better to appreciate the behavior of the bike. Again, consistency is dominant. The various meanings to roll on all types of surfaces without giving you the urge to turn back.

The first kilometer us take a winding road, crowded and littered with passages pins. A true mountain course, without the altitude and in the forest. The Diversion then shows a nice potential. To double the motorhome between two curves, just “ screw “ the handle.

Between 4000 rev / min and 8500 r / min, the revised engine turns a lot of resources, especially on this type of road where the focus is shifting on the reports 3, 4 and 5. In a suction air box, the four-cylinder pushes you forward to not get stuck. Of course, these times do not appear in the relaunch of twin engine ( in sensations in any case, without measures ) . but they are out of proportion to the times of nodes Suzuki Bandit 600 first generation or first Honda 600 Hornet.

To complete the picture, the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion is always intuitive to place. This facilitates the task in pins. We go down the reports and the front wheel follows the gaze, without diving or need to force the machine.

Neutrality as it likes.

Ride and have fun, mission … possible

It is undeniable, manufacturers have worked hard on this road segment of medium displacement. The engines are mounted in line, like the finish, equipment ( they all have the optional ABS ) . performance and especially the road approval. Here, one could draw a parallel with the car ( between the Peugeot 205 and last 207 ) . There remains the question of prices and purchasing power, wide-ranging debate.

But back to Yamaha throughout the test day, the fairedXJ6 has demonstrated its versatility in accommodating all the way. The rigidity is sufficient in the fast sections and “ flights “ sports spot. The bike does not dance the tango in large curve. It is “ flexible “ in general behavior, but never gives the sensation of fuzziness or lack of rigor in the front or rear. In sharp curve, it is always easy to place.

The suspension work together to maintain good discipline and domestic comfort worthy of the name. In terms of comfort over the miles, the seat seemed so strong at first, it will not inflicted insurmountable pain, even if a straight section of highway would have to dig the issue. The vibrations also have made ​​discrete. Braking, as the Yamaha XJ6 . is sufficient. To brake with two pistons 211 pounds fully fueled, the Diversion decelerate safely.

The attack on the brake lever ( on the first centimeter ) seems again a sudden nothing then to be drawn on said lever later to find an effective power. Approval suffers somewhat depending on the situation and beginners will take the measurement.

A cannibal Diversion

Finally, rolling throughout the day, he comes to mind several thoughts. Versatile, quite homogeneous, comfortable, not sad for all the new born Diversion accomplished frankly. It offers a compromise between comfort / efficiency / enjoyment far superior to that of its predecessor ( t he same time, the reverse would be a shame! ) . In the spirit, as in behavior, it also recalls the first generation of Fazer, which also proposed a flexible and healthy behavior and some mechanical smoothness.

The Yamaha XJ6 Diversion differs from the FZ6 Fazer at the rigidity of the chassis and the extension of its engine. When running out of steam past the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion 9000 rev / min, the FZ6 Fazer continue to push very expressive. However, the Diversion offers a certification-like than usual that seems frankly.

Gearbox and engine flexibility at low and mid schemes are much better.

Then for everyday use, it is true that one can ask: “ Why buy an FZ6 Fazer, more expensive (€ 7,499) and less versatile ? “ Remains higher than the athletic ability of the latter have something to appeal to seasoned riders.

Sold € 6549 (€ 6949 and ABS version), the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion proposes a sensible compromise. Easy to drive, fun to drive, an approval number on all routes, it will be a faithful companion that does not cause melancholy, however. The equipment proved satisfactory, but some practical aspects such as the lack of real under-seat storage betray a design that is sometimes preferred the look and usability.

For pure road approval, we would have liked as a transmission adapted to the presence of a sixth gear sparing the engine speed. But in the end, we quibble, as the new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion combines the qualities.

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: Docile but not sad

Yamaha XJ6
Yamaha XJ6
Yamaha XJ6
Yamaha XJ6

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