Yamaha XJ6 Diversion Review How To Make & Do Everything!

27 Jan 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Yamaha XJ6 Diversion Review How To Make & Do Everything!
Yamaha XJ6 Diversion

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion Review

What do you think about this video?

Tom Hill: ‘Official Yamaha top box rack’ Yeah at like ВЈ200 no doubt. Just because it’s from Yamaha. п»ї

mrbigtime81: hi, i bought a FAZER 8 and gave it back. seat was not comfy for my height. is this better? 78Cm eat position. sounds better. and what about handling? good? п»ї

Garry G: looks quick enough to have some fun on 😛 I have a 650 bandit, which has a great engine loads of power, the bike is just a bit heavy, thinking of having a change just cant make up my mind what I fancy having lol.п»ї

The lucky one: Aaaaaaahahahahahahaha your windshield mate. freaking ruin the bike or what LOLп»ї

tcturtle89: i get why you have the longer windshield but gosh its hideous п»ї

janek31415: Hi. I’m considering to buy either the XJ6 or the Kawasaki ER6-n for my first bike. do you have any suggestions concerning those two models?п»ї

MrLegend139: i paid 3K for mine 09 with 3k on the clock they they charged me 300 for a little bit of metal which i could have made at work for 2 pound haha

Chrus600: Yeah, don’t get why at all!

Chrus600: I’m only 21 which probably helps, and I’m completely used to this bike so my body might just have adapted to it!

Chrus600: One of my attempts at doing this review, didn’t turn out so well so went for a quick spin for inspiration!

MrFatalis123: I’m 1.74m and this bike feels just fine

Chrus600: Being tall has its advantages; massive screens and greater choice of bikes 😉

wyvernbiker: Great review and a really nice place to do it.

Chrus600: It takes some getting used to!

0Airsnark0: yea man, what did you stop where you stopped for?

Tom Hill: That screen is huge! but i bet it works a charm.

Joe Doc: Is it the same as the f model .

Chrus600: No, this is the S. The F has a lower fairing and ABS as standard.

0Airsnark0: was this recorded yesterday up the gorge? if so i think i passed you twice

Tom Hill: I thought you were gonna cross the lane on that first corner you took.

Chrus600: It was, were you on a blue naked something or other?

jaustinuk: HEIGHT of that freaking screen haha

lukethekanefan: do u ever get tempted to buy an r6 ecu probably would plug and play change them over for the weekends instant 100 plus hp

benkiki87: Holy windshield! This bike is the cheapest non-Chinese inline four in Malaysia. Cheers mate!

123iMV: I do really like the look of the bike! But i also think that screen is a bit too big! still nice review and bike 🙂

LEWIS94: One of these is a possibility for my first big bike depending on my financial/job status at the time as I’ve just left college. This is the first good thoughts and opinions/review I’ve seen of the bike so thanks.Probably be around august i’ll be looking for a bike so i’m looking around now 😛

warnom: If you are tall like me (1.88m) you might find that you cannot fit onto bike. When I sit on the bike where I am supposed to sit and try to hold the tank with my knees I found that my knees stay over the fairing not the side of the tank :S But on a huge bike like V-Strom everything suits fine. I just can say that before buying one first sit on it check your riding position.

And if you have oppurtunity ride and test it for at least 100 km 2-3 hours.

Chrus600: Can’t say it does, it’s always got around 60MPG. Looking forward to it, but I’m sure you mean the Peaks 😉

warnom: If I were 1.74m I am sure I would say the same 🙂

Cal8881: No, the FZ6 is sportier in its setup and engine

Chrus600: 90 miles to a tank. I get double that regularly!

8ballclub321: where were you near the end, looks lovely 🙂

fil668: Nice bike. does that screen affect the mpg. ) See you at this next weekend at the Dales meet.

BlaugranDeMacedonia: I must say it looks like an alien motorcycle with that big windshield, but it is practical i guess.

lukethekanefan: probs

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion

AWRHUDD: Its a lovely bike. Gives confidence in town, motorways and is very stable at post 100 speeds (not that I would ever think of riding that fast!) it does lack a bit with cornering because the centre of gravity is low so to get round corners fast you really do need to be scraping the bar ends but low CG does make it feel very light when you set off. My main criticism of mine is the throttle pick up is a little jerkey but you can cure that by not being lazy and slip thr clutch a bit.

entoptika: bought a double bubble for mine. much smaller and did the job.

Chrus600: I heartily recommend it as a first bike, it’s easier to ride than a 125 in my opinion!

OrcaGT: I knew that screen was tall but bloody hell lol 😛 Good review, can echo the same points on my brief stint on the naked version. Lovely machine, but unfortunately just a bit too tall for me 😛

TheRabanator12: Ah right fair points, will keep all in mind, many thanks!

warnom: Possibly a female driver, she was trying to make sure her car fit that narrow pass 😀

entoptika: It had been dropping. Changed the air filter to no effect too. Was gonna get it checked at the next service. Usually the light would come on at around 120-130 miles, regardless of how I rode.

Motorway was the only thing that would increase the mpg.

Chrus600: I really doubt that’ll work. It wasn’t just the ECU they played with in retuning it, the fuel injection system is narrower for example.

warnom: I am not an so experienced biker and I haven’t ridden many kinds of bikes. Today I have been riding my cousins V-Strom for all day long. The first time I am riding a different bike for that long. I did it to compare how my bike and it feels after a day long ride. At the end of the test I can say that.

Bikes like XJ6 are designed to go on Street go fast turn fast stop fast so thats why they are called Sport Street Bike. And these kind of bikes need short or average riders as a matter of design.

Chrus600: You certainly notice the difference, reduces neck fatigue massively.

Tarantoz: Very good Video!!

fil668: Doh. good job i’m riding there with Wylie, god knows were i’d end up 🙂

Chrus600: You get used to the screen pretty quickly. Thanks 🙂

MrLegend139: you bought this brand new at 6 grand? ive got the yamaha xj6 naked in yellow, been riding it for over a year now slow as freak restricted tbh went on track with and took it off tbh its still not that powerful, ive ridden bikes all my life but to a new learner like my friend has the same as yours he thinks its too fast haha im 18 btw

elkfazer1: Very good review there but a strange choice of bike for someone your height, although you do say that you don’t feel cramped on it. I feel cramped every time I sit on mine 😉 but a good fun little bike to own and doesn’t feel like a budget bike on the road, it’s only when you start to wiggle the passenger footrests or touch the front fairing inners that you can tell it’s built to a price.

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Yamaha XJ6 Diversion Review 4.5 out of 5

Yamaha XJ6 Diversion
Yamaha XJ6 Diversion
Yamaha XJ6 Diversion
Yamaha XJ6 Diversion

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