Aprilia RSV4 R

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Aprilia RSV4 R

Aprilia RSV4 R

Reaching the most incredible finishing lines with regards to emotions and performances, lap after lap.

Feeling the adrenaline of speeding going through the veins, each time you are on the saddle. Being first in technology.

RSV4 R was born from the desire to offer the design and performance supremacy of Max Biaggi’s bike to the large public of enthusiasts, without the need of a specialised technical team.

A bike that routs the opponents: the only superbike with standard V4 engine, the very first in the handling, technical refinement and design classification.

The irresistible charm of RSV4 comes from the fact that it was designed without any aesthetic grant.

Since it was conceived for the racing world, where each millimetre, each gram, each thousandth of second counts. Such a compact and efficient bike was never seen before: this is why it is so beautiful.

Single silencer

Extreme care for the details and design innovation are found in all the elements: as the compact single silencer, studied in its shapes to increase the ground clearance, also during the most critical turns.

The shape of the performance

The frame and the engine are an integral part of the bike’s design, together with the few other, strongly characterising, elements designed with a focus on the track, whose shape was engineered in the wind tunnel.

The research for the best aeration of the engine and of the highest aerodynamic penetration, brought to the creation of an innovative front end, with large air vents for the airbox, headlights that mark the border of the top fairing and turn indicators integrated in the rear-view mirrors.

Even the spectacular tail fairing, with headlight consisting of a high luminosity led unit, was conceived with the aim to reduce the surfaces as much as possible, to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

Passenger seat

Perfectly integrated in the bike’s design, this element is standard and can be easily removed to gain lightness during the use on the track.

Onboard computer

Compact size and high technology also for the instrument panel.

The instrument panel of mixed, digital and analogue type, receives all the information from the CAN line thus becoming an actual vehicle self-diagnosis system.

All functions are controlled through the «MODE» command on the handlebar.


RSV4 R revolution starts from the bike’s heart, it is felt from the overwhelming roar of the 65° v 4-cylinder engine, and it is evident in the fantastic performance on the race circuit.

The 65° v 4-cylinder engine is indeed the most revolutionary and, at the same time, the most powerful ever built by Aprilia.

Its «narrow» V architecture allowed to create an engine as compact as a twin-cylinder, which improves performances in terms of power and torque.

Vibrations mitigated thanks to a balancing countershaft.

Dual injection

Advanced solutions also with regards to fuel system.

Two injectors per cylinder:

one after the throttle valve for excellent speed tractability

the other fan pattern injector in the airbox, which comes into play at higher loads and engine speeds, for more effective fuel atomisation and vaporisation and increased power output.

To ensure the right torque and the ideal power delivery in all situations.

Advanced electronics

In the V4 65°, the most refined motor engineering is combined to the most advanced electronics. The Multimap Ride-by-Wire technology offers endless possibilities in controlling the power delivery, with the possibility to change « character » of the bike, selecting one of the three mappings available on the handlebar:

T-TRACK: no compromise on the track.180HP of power when even slightly opening the throttle.

S-SPORT: fun on the road. Smooth, electronically-controlled delivery.

R-ROAD: use in any condition. Power reduced to 140 HP.

Cassette type gearbox and slipper clutch

«Racing» solutions with regards to the gearbox: cassette-type. It allows to quickly change gears and it is easy to service. Clutch equipped with mechanical slipper system to improve the control over the engine brake and the bike’s stability during any hard braking phase.


RSV4 has a dynamic behaviour that rules the track, because it is conceived from the same design that brought Aprilia to be number one in the sbk championship. Its speed in changes of direction is due to the exceptional compactness, to the outstanding frame and chassis, with racing technical solutions, and due to the ideal positioning of the v4 engine.

Absolute balance

The chassis was designed around the 65° V4 engine, to attain the perfect centralisation of the masses. A result optimised by the position of the tank, with fuel mostly underneath the saddle, to reduce the balance differences between full and empty.

Racing brakes

The front braking system is powerful, precise and modular. It uses monobloc Brembo callipers with 4 pistons and radial pump, which hold a 320 mm double disc with aluminium flange. The rear brake consists of a Brembo calliper with 2 pistons and 220 mm disc: the best available in racing technologies.

Aluminium frame

The frame is a master piece of technology, exposed, made with cast and pressed elements, according to Aprilia’s tradition. It boasts a high level of torsional and bending rigidity, for a perfect control and feeling, when entering and riding along a turn. Even the swingarm, born from Aprilia’s experience in competitions, is a rigid and ultra-light « mix » of cast and pressed aluminium elements, which allows an extreme reactivity when setting the suspension.

Racing suspension

Fully adjustable suspension that can be adapted to any type of path, whether on track or road. Showa 43 mm front fork and Sachs progressive mono-shock.

Steering damper

The Sachs steering damper guarantees impeccable high speed stability and millimetre precision in setting the bike up for turns.

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