Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR Review Price Specifications Mileage Features Color

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Hero Honda Karizma

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Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR Review

Hero Honda Karizma became extremely popular following its launch in the Indian bike market. The company then launched the Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Fi. The new bike has a similar stance and the changes include programmed fuel injection feature incorporated in this bike.

The bike is also more powerful and has a new rear disc brake.

Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR Specifications

The Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR review indicates that the bike has a 223cc engine which is the same as the old version bike. However the fuel injection feature provides increase in power and the bike has maximum power of 17.6 bhp at 7000 rpm along with peak torque of 18.35 Nm at 6000 rpm. The bike has 5-speed gears and multiplate wet clutch.

The bike has length of 2110mm and its width is 805mm while its height is 1175mm. The top speed of the bike is 126 km/hr and it can reach 0 to 60 km/hr in just 3.7 seconds. The PGM-Fi feature has sensors that measure aspects like air temperature, air pressure as well as engine temperature so as to identify ideal air and fuel ratio.

The Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR review also indicates that the bike has telescopic hydraulic front shock absorbers and 5-step adjustable iGRS system for the rear. The bike also has 276mm disc brake for the front and 240mm disc rear brakes. The weight of the bike is 159 kgs along with ground clearance of 159mm.

The fuel tank limit of the bike is 16 litres and it has a wheelbase of 1350mm.

Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR Mileage

The bike can deliver mileage of around 40 to 50 km/litre

Hero Honda Karizma

Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR Features

The front design of the bike is similar to the old Karizma and the bike has plenty of snazzy graphics. The bike also gets several new features and these include integrated blinkers and new headlamps. The finish of the bike and paint quality is also excellent. The bike has a beautifully designed instrument cluster and the rider is greeted with a long message when the key is inserted and the bike is started.

The display of the bike also shows fuel consumption in real time and this helps in ensuring that good mileage in maintained. The other aspects displayed include digital fuel gauge and speedometer.

Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR Price and design variations

The starting price of the bike is around Rs 1.02 lakhs and the bike is available in a single design variation.

Hero Honda New Karizma ZMR Colors

The bike is available in five colors and these include pearl white, vibrant blue, sports red, panther black and moon yellow.

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