APRILIA NA 850 Mana ka Honda NC 700 Guatemala mina'an u yotocho'ob DCT motos

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Aprilia Mana X

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Ba'axten embrague yéetel le interruptor wa u ma'alo'obtal u beetik? Automáticas motos le Amal ka'atéen asab presentes, Ba'ale' ku le útiles, Ba'ax xaan yéetel o'olal ti', juntúul monstruosidad? Yaantal variador yéetel embrague naaj ti' comparación.

Nojoch proporción kisbuuts'o'ob túumben producidos ti' le industria automotriz P'at le líneas montaje yéetel jump'éel yaantal yo'osal.

Stammtisch le discusiones calentadas, le mayaj ts'o'ok, úuch k'íin ts'o'ok ma', yéetel juntúul restricción je'ela' wa reprensible le k'eexpajal marchas óol máak u lamenta. Asab uts tu contrario le le óoltaj. Ti' comparación yéetel yaantal je'elo'oba' promesas jump'éel automática moderna jump'éel li'isik tojol ti' comodidad yéetel facilidad, ka ti' jump'éel aumento ti' le dinámica.

Tuláakal aquellos ba'ax Ma'atech u conducido jump'éel kiis buuts yéetel jump'éel yaantal naaj embrague confirmarán le ba'ala' apasionadamente.

Motos automáticas yéetel le motociclistas, Chéen ba'ale' ridículo, ti' le utsil, u tu laaj múuch'aj yéetel escepticismo tumen juntúul limitación tuláakal páajtal u menciona "moto filosofía kuxtal". But if those skeptics ever ever seen such a bike went and how wonderful that work? Honda believes at least on an ongoing trend and equipped VFR 1200 and Crosstourer also the low-budget motorcycle.

NC 700 S and X, out to an additional cost of 1000 euros with an automatic dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

This dubious at first sight combination of a favorable motorcycle with a lavishly produced double-clutch into place only when you look at the Honda Integra scooter .

It is based on the same engine and frame-based and, in contrast to the competition just that with a classic dual-clutch gear transmission.

The NC 700 S DCT can be externally fortunately not show their scooters relationship. But this new and innovative hybrid strategy between scooter and motorcycle is not. Since 2007, the Aprilia Mana is in the starting blocks.

Your 90-degree V2 engine with 839 cubic centimeters is from the Gilera GP 800 scooter and was acquired technically almost unchanged.

The transmission ratio is continuously changed by a belt drive. Simply raise the gas and glide smoothly across the country. But one must, however, take the roller typical rubber band effect in purchasing.

But who now has a high-revving 50-cc scooter in front of eyes and ears in the wrong, huge.

The overall concept of mana is thought through in detail and

harmonious. A pressure on the knobs, and the Aprilia V2 with at least 76 hp crankshaft power bubbling going strong.

In this soundscape no one thinks a scooter. Visually, the Mana makes entirely on Italian finesse and emotion, convinced in concentrated viewing with fine workmanship and amazing features features such as adjustable by eccentric tips the foot brake pedal and the gear lever.

Overall, the ergonomics at a high level, although the subtle sporting knee angle is not quite right for the relatively high-mounted handlebars. Whether such a scooter motorcycle is fun? So brave the gas turn up, the centrifugal clutch and left to try to force closure.

Energetic sprints ahead Aprilia. Constant with constant speed, le kisbuuts'o' acelera le Mana medulosa yéetel garra. Yéetel t'aan, debido a u le nivel k'oja'ano'obo' ka'anal velocidad proporciona jump'éel amplio esfuerzo torsión ti' je'el súutuko' le táan jok'ol táanil, Ba'ax, however, acompañado tumen k'a'ankach vibraciones.

Relevado tuláakal le cambios, juntúul u k'aax jaatsatako'ob yéetel le internet ichil beetike' uts. Utia'al 229 peso total kg, mana u lanzar cómodamente ti' inclinación k'ab boon, túun, ayudado tumen le neumáticos Pirelli u meyaj excelente, estoico ka estable u órbitas.

Ts'o'okok chéen chúumuk p'isib prueba ti' kiis buuts tuméen le k'áaxo' box, one wonders as traditionalist motorcyclist how much you can do without real operations with inevitable response to load change.

Although not ultra-direct, but quite fleet commands in implementing the gas propulsion has played a significant part. Three automatic modes (Touring, Rain, sports) are available and differ mainly in the basic speed range. Who wants to determine the ratio itself, this as with the Honda manually toggle switch or foot pedal to the known (supplement Honda: 250 Euro) do.

When Mana seven predefined gear ratios are available sequentially. An actuator to change the distance between the primary pulley. This feature, however, need no one, the Variator harmonizes both when accelerating and when coasting nicely with the V2 engine.

Even the engine brake torque is at closed throttle fine usable. Suffers the driving pleasure so under the rubber band effect? Absolutely not.

Clouded the joy of driving through a rather discordant damping characteristics.

The upside-down fork is tuned too tight, and the adjustable in spring preload and rebound shock, far too low pressure stage. On bad asphalt begins to stir the mana curves properly, verhagelt one line with the reprehensible continuity. That’s pretty ugly.

However downright dangerous is the ABS vote for trips with pillion passenger. Unpack the radial Brembo calipers in single mode rabidly in the large discs and delay with fine control intervals, the antilock brake system completely safe, two-man operation in a rollover when the brakes without driver intervention is almost inevitable. The NC 700 S DCT can significantly better.

But first things first.

A Honda dealer called the engine of the NC with respect to its power delivery a few days ago as a diesel engine and it hit the nail on the head. In general this bike is surpassed in simplicity hardly. Upgrades start moving, feel good.

Ergonomically everything is in place, and also for a permanent stage is nothing wrong. After starting the engine, the deep, Gemelo paralelo lejano inclinada tak delante revela u ba'ax ku kaxtik síijil: pragmatismo ka frugalidad.

Ti' le extremo manillar k'abil tech elige juntúul le ka'ap'éel modos conducción: Mulix utia'al operación normal, Guatemala mina'an u yotocho'ob u locomoción jump'íit asab deportivo.

Le yáax marcha ku activa automáticamente ka' juntúul retraso. Juntúul cuidadoso giro le acelerador yéetel, uy, kuuch ku beetik jump'éel salto extremadamente motivado. Le duelo ti' le tráfico jach bey u pesar u 48 HP potencia wóolis ti' jump'éel verdadero ki' janal. Ya'abkach ma'alo'ob xookilo'ob le sprint jump'éel éxito permanente.

But outside the city owns the NC their qualities. As she has the mana as a usable storage compartment in the dummy tank for luggage (in the NC not fit a full-face helmet, the mana).

She is also well tuned chassis of significantly better than the Aprilia. Athletic, but not too tight prove the shock and conventional forks. Bumpy tracks are clearly unexcited as mastered the Italian, and the manageability of the Honda, thanks to its low center of gravity, and in spite of the ten kilo weight to the standard variant of the NC 700 S still colossal.

Even at the lower slopes it remains constant on the targeted line. And if you should have miscalculated before a curve some, the disc starts a forward again properly and safely with the help of coordinated ABS.

The required manual force is, however, compared to the very high mana.

And now works as the dual clutch transmission? Well, it also reveals light and shadow. Under constant train the automatic shifts very smoothly and quickly high.

Depending on throttle position becomes correspondingly low or higher speed.

Curvy tracks with tight turns require a little patience from all those with an automatic connect a pure relief function and comfort gain.

Because sometimes switches off automatically, especially in D-mode, just before the curve at constant throttle position still up a gear, and then the curve apex when applying gas downshift directly again.

This compels to unpleasant steering corrections. In S mode, many bends are done better because the courses are basically turns on.

But it can be done here as well that unexpectedly during gentle acceleration full tilt one gear is higher, which causes at least irritation. The driver is thus called upon to adapt to these situations or to switch to manual mode. Especially before local inputs is recommended in order to exploit this downshift the engine braking torque since the sixth gear to just over 60 kilómetro / h remains engaged.

Ultimately in town links the constant annoying, mostly unnecessary toggling between courses. Here is the Aprilia to ride much more comfortable and confident in the sum of their properties, especially the friends of cultivated comfort. On points but the Honda reaps due to low maintenance costs and low fuel consumption for the win.

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