2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Baggers

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Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra
Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra


Model: Brittani Liverence

Scott Maeyaert of Charlesen, Minnesota, is a fan of both tattoos and baggers, and with the creation of this fully custom 2011 Road Glide, he was able to combine his passion for both. One very interesting fact that should be pointed out though is that Scott doesn’t have any tattoos. No, no tattoos for me. yet, Scott replied, when asked if he was inked or not.

The number seven with the two dice that is on the primary cover may be my first one. I’m just trying to find the right person to do it.

As you can tell from this bike, when Scott does something he doesn’t tread lightly, he goes full bore. An example of Scott’s intensity would be what he does in his spare time: For fun I drag race a V-Rod Destroyer.

The idea for this bike started two years ago when Scott decided he wanted a custom bagger to enter the various bike shows around the country. Right away he knew that having a killer paintjob would really help get the bike noticed and stand out amongst its competitors. After a year of racking his brain for a paint scheme, Scott finally came up with the full body tattoo concept and dubbing the bike Ink.

Ba'ale', before a single part was purchased or wrench turned, Scott spent six months researching tattoos and deciding which pieces would be applied to the bike. It was all to be laid out like on a real body, if you imagine the forks are a person’s arms, the front fairing is the shoulders and chest, the top of the tank is the back, and the bag tops are the hips and butt. The concept was to mix several tattoo styles together, Scott said.

Once all the tattoos and parts were picked out, Dana Hallberg and the Deadline Customs crew went to work on the build.

With a major makeover planned that included frame modifications and new bodywork, the Deadline team blew the bike apart and discarded all the parts that weren’t going to be reused. They began by stretching the backbone 1-1/2 inches, raking the neck, and installing a set of HHI raked triple trees to better handle a 26-inch front wheel.

In the rear the subframe was replaced with an FBI drop seat kit, which lowered the rear about 3 inches, and the addition of a Legend Air Ride system would allow for additional lowering when on show duty. As for the bodywork, a Sinister front fender was installed over a Rampage Talladega wheel. Up top a Yaffe stretched tank was bolted in place followed by a Bad Dad rear fender and saddlebags in the rear.

Not everything was off the shelf aftermarket parts, Deadline exhibited its fabrication skills in several areas of the bike as well. The shop made a set of custom side panels to flow with the drop seat kit and the rest of the new bodywork. Deadline also crafted a custom bracket and bezel for dual LED headlights in the shark-nose fairing.

To smooth out the skin, all the lights were flush-mounted, and there are no exposed bag latches for the saddlebags, Scott stated.

Remember earlier when Scott mentioned he liked to drag race his V-Rod Destroyer for fun? Well, with his need for speed, he just couldn’t leave the stock Glide engine alone. Jason Kellis from Faribuilt Harley-Davidson does all the motor work on my drag bike so it seemed only right to turn him loose on a custom motor for Ink, Scott stated. A stock ScreaminEagle 120R was picked as a starting point and then everything was torn down and rebuilt from there.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra

Dark Horse worked over the bottom end, the heads were replaced with Hurricane heads and then sent to Baisley for some additional work. Next came H-D high-compression pistons, roller rocker arms, Baisley high-tensel push rods, AMS Racing lifters, Woods TW68G cams, DD; Borzilla 2-1 exhaust, SE super tuner, SE 64mm Pro high flow throttle body and velocity stack, and finally a Nitrous Express System was installed to top it all off.

The task of applying the original concept to the bike, the full-body tattoo, was next. To help make the overall tattoo effect more realistic, the first order of business was for Deadline to lay down a bronzed base so that body looked like it had been tanned in the sun. The base color is a custom mix and it was our 12th attempt at getting the tan skin look. We call it Brazilian tan, Scott said.

Once the base was down, Jeff Money Urman and Mike Hovland went to work on the tattoos, only taking a break for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. They spent six weeks and a total of 350 hours laying down all the details. The tattoos themselves are a custom color that came from mixing paint and painting it on someone who had tattoos until the colors matched. During this time we talked daily on how things should flow, Scott stated.

Their dedication to this project goes beyond words and was key to making Ink a crowd favorite. The color is almost impossible not to touch when you see it in person.

After five months of hard work and with the bike and motor complete, there was a grand unveiling party with 150 guests and then it was off to the show circuit. Evidently, Scott’s concept and planning along with everyone’s hard work paid off, as it’s won many accolades such as First Place Free Style and Peoples Choice at the Minneapolis International Motorcycle show, Best Paint and Second Place Radical Bagger at the Easy Rider finals in Columbus, Ohio, First Place Extreme Full Dresser at the Daytona Rats Hole Show, Best Paint at the Donnie Smith Show, and Baggers Editor’s choice at Muskegon Bike Time.

At this point I have more than 800 miles on Ink and can barley stay off the bike when the weather is nice, Scott commented. Once we get through the show season, the bike will log many miles across the country and I’m sure you will recognize it coming down the road. I would like to thank the crew at Deadline Customs for making Ink into everything I hoped it would be.

Special thanks to Dana, Jeff, Dan, Nick, Mike, Mark, and Jason. You guys are the best. B

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