Motocicletas inigualables

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Matchless G 80 E

Motocicletas inigualables

A Brief History of the Marque: Matchless

The Collier brothers built their first machine in 1899, ka tumen 1907 ganaba ti' le carreras TT ti' le peetlu'umo' u Man. Ka' jump'éel ka' kúuchil ti' 1908, tu najalto'ob tu ka'atéen ti' 1909 ka 1910. Ka' WWI producción reasumida usando le motores ti' le JAP yéetel MAG .

Tak viernes ti' mayo 24 2013

jmpot rally france

vidéo vidéo


April 2013

Ma'alo'ob záastal k'iin,

In k'aaba' Davis JT, Tene' jump'éel productor yila'ob ti' le medios le sirenas yéetel k yaan u jo'op'éel millas capital Estados Unidos. Táan k produciendo jump'éel túumben serie u Discovery Channel tu yo'olal juntúul mecánico ba'ax ku yutskíinsik úuchben yéetel restaura motocicletas vintage. K múul xookik yéetel seis (6) a yóok'ol jump'éel serie óoxp'éel pak'chaje', Amal episodio ba'ax ku pretende ts'aiko'on a'alajil t'aan ts'áik yo'osal le motocicleta ba'ax k'a'abet u comprobación biin jaajile'.

Táan in meentik investigaciones utia'al u determinar le je'o' jump'éel moto ti' jump'éel noj prístino ti' le restaurada.

Le motocicleta ti' u yáax episodio le jump'éel 1931 Bix u kaniko'ob ichil X yéetel juntúul Sidecar u Brough Superior. Ts'o'ok in conectado ka'ache' yéetel ka' fotos ti' le moto yéetel le restauración.

In páajtal a ts'áik ti' máax ku máax je'el u páajtal u valorar le restauración áantaj leti' post u bici? Entiendo yaan talam ts'a ku xíimbal tumen ma' K'ajóolt le detalles u bix j-restaurada le moto, Ba'ax yik'áalil bino'ob u utilizados yéetel u kanáanil taasik kuxtal. Ba'ale', jump'éel yoochel le estadio béisbol yéetel jump'éel yila'al visual je'el wáantik ts'aik a'alajil t'aan precisa utia'al u espectador Discovery Channel.

Should you have any questions I can be reached via email or by phone, 310-987-7498. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

JT Davis | Associate Producer


8505 Fenton Street | Suite 206 | Silver Spring, MD 20910

Tue Feb 05 2013

matchless engine

matchless G80/135056

could you please give me specifications on this engine with borestroke and year of manufacture it has a magneto and an alternator?

South Africa

Try the page on serial numbers for clues on the model, and the 1956 gallery has a page of specs for that one.

I only have the motor which I intend fitting into an AJS Statesman which is ex the South African Defense Force.

It was kaiki and I have painted it Blue black with the large chrome badges.

As the bike is coil ignition I want to fit the motor with a magneto.Then I am not so dependant on the battery.

The AJS is mainly Norton and could have been badged either or.

As far as I understand it should be about 1963.

If you would like me to I can send you pictures.

Thank you for your interest.

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