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Feb 22, 2014 – 6:23 AMby Dan1

Now that I have spent some time with the bike I thought I would do a bit of a review on it.

Parts Quality:

Hand ControlsThere what you’d expect and have all the buttons although you can tell they will eventually cause you trouble.

*Start Button, already become tempermental where it requires to be pushed in a certain spot.

*High Beam, can be annoying and a little cumbersome to dip down at times with gloves on.

*Indicator-Horn-Flasher- Emergency Kill, all positioned well and have had no issues.

*Clutch, its heavy but feel is ok. It could do with some adjustment as engagement is at the very begining of the stroke.

*Accelerator, originally I had planned to change the ratio and I still might although since installing the PowerTronic it wont be as aggressive as originally planned. In standard trim its way to long and causes you to double grab for full throttle.

Digital DisplayI like the display and have no problems with reading it at a quick glance. There have been some comments regarding the small RPM tree being hard to read but I figure if your busy looking at it then you shouldnt be on it.

One problem with it is the condensation that happens underneath the glass protector screen, it can make it impossible to read and is something that needs to be sorted out. It also blinds you when the sun hits it.

Foot ControlsA lot of free play in the gear selector linkage. The linkage rod seems lightweight and is something that will be replaced sooner than later.

SuspensionThis is one area that really requires attention, the rear is terrible and Im reminded of replacing my shocks in my old 77 Holden ute, while the fronts become so soft after a while that you get roughly 60 to 80mm travel when you jump on the front brakes. Still undecided which way im going but theres a few ideas being thrown around.

KTM 690 Duke

Brakes ABSIm not really a fan of the braking system, the fronts are up to standard just but they dont perform like they should and the rear becomes so unsettled with the smallest ripples in the road that Im always asking myself why do I have the ABS on. I have sorced parts to replace the masters and rear caliper but the 80mm front is throwing me at the moment.

WiringConnections and wire quality is good and has a fair few connections Ive never seen before but I like. The downfall is theres a fair amount of it and its routed and mounted in some weird places. It does what its supposed to do but a quality custom loom would go a long way in cleaning the mess up and removing some weight.

Nuts and Boltsyou wont be needing a Torx kit for the 390, pretty much every nut and bolt is what you will find down your local Bolt shop. I reckon this is a good thing as I will usally be able to get out of trouble.

SeatingThe seat is pretty stiff and the first day or two will leave you a little sore but if you ride all the time it will soon be forgotten. Having said that Im on the look out for the Ergo seat even thou I ride every chance I get.

LightsLow beam can be pretty poor in the unlit areas while the high beam is pretty good. Will look at changing these in the future but are not something that needs addressing.

TyresSo far I have been happy with the M5’s except under heavy engine breaking when the rear likes to get light very fast and in the wet they can occasionally become doughy with little feedback from the front. A bit more questioning has got me thinking its road temp regarding the fronts in the wet as they handle differently at the different altitudes I travel through.


Theres not much I can say about the mechanical side of things as everything works well and as it should, I. [Read More ]

KTM 690 Duke
KTM 690 Duke
KTM 690 Duke
KTM 690 Duke

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