KTM 450 不過訂購的集合複製副本 – 美國電單車

量规: KTM | 20 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 KTM 450 不過訂購的集合複製副本 – 美國電單車
KTM 450 Rally Replica Available to Order – Motorcycle USA

KTM 450 集合複製副本可用於訂購 ktm 450 拉力賽副本就好快向公眾提供, 但唔清楚佢係咪會來到美國. KTM notched its 13th consecutive Dakar Rally win in 2014, with Marc Coma finishing almost two hours ahead of his closest competition. The Spaniard’s weapon was an updated version of KTM’s 450 Rally bike, a version of which the Orange brand has announced will soon be available to the public. The KTM 450 Rally Replica features a redesigned frame and updated ergonomics, new rear suspension and the race-proven, fuel-injected 450cc engine. For rally duty the Replica comes with a front and rear fuel-pump and multiple tanks as ...

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第一印象: 2005 KTM 125 sx 同 250 Sx – 環球越野電單車

量规: KTM | 20 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 第一印象: 2005 KTM 125 sx 同 250 Sx – 環球越野電單車
First Impression: 2005 KTM 125 SX and 250 SX – Transworld Motocross

第一印象: 2005 KTM 125 sx 同 250 sx 作為新嘅單車季節接近全面擺動, twmx 測試人員嘅最新一日騎喺用咗同 2005 KTM two-stroke lineup. In a world that now seems dominated by thumpers, after spending a full afternoon roosting around Perris Raceway we’re here to say that two-strokes ain’t dead just yet! [IMAGE 1] Already heralded as one of the few remaining competitive two-cycles in its class, the KTM125 SX steps up to the plate in 2005 more ready than ever to challenge its four-stoke rivals. For starters, handling has been much improved thanks to an all-new frame and suspension package, which the 250SX also enjoys. [IMAGE 2] ...

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KTM 350 和 450 SX-F – 周期扭矩雜誌

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 KTM 350 和 450 SX-F – 周期扭矩雜誌
KTM 350 and 450 SX-F – Cycle Torque Magazine

托德. 里德的新訂單測試. Pics by Chris Pickett The release of the all new KTM 350SX-F has sparked worldwide interest and is the latest open class racer from the KTM factory. Inspired by MX legend Stefan Everts, the 350cc four-stroke is aimed at taking control of the 450cc MX class and is KTM’s flagship model in the big-bore category. An all new creation from the ground up, 的 350 has got all the bells and whistles, and is arguably one of the most creative and innovative production bikes in recent history, and it’s already got runs on the board by winning a world championship. A 350cc thumper up against a pack of 450s is no easy task, and it’s a very ballsy move by KTM to campaign ...

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2010 KTM 300 評論-w –

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 2010 KTM 300 評論-w –
2010 KTM 300 XC-W Review –

不僅僅昰最終的伍兹賽車嘅相, 丹巴黎越野賽車係巨大嘅, 𠵱家, throwing the moto-media into a cross-country and Endurocross-racing frenzy. In those stories, look closely at the photos. Chances are you’ll see one bike more often than anything else: The KTM 300 XC, or its wide-ratio transmission brother, 的 300 XC-W. Despite the four-stroke revolution, KTM has remained committed to improving the two-stroke engine, and for good reason. Low cost, low noise, simplicity and the good old-fashioned power to weight ratio are the strong selling points that KTM has cashed in with their extensive line of two-stroke machines. 的 300 starts easily, but in case you are ...

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ktm 將出售 2013 690 公爵同 990 冒險的巴哈模型在北美洲

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 ktm 將出售 2013 690 公爵同 990 冒險的巴哈模型在北美洲
KTM Will Sell 2013 690 Duke And 990 Adventure Baja Models In North America

ktm 將出售 2013 690 公爵同 990 冒險的巴哈模型北美 ktm 宣佈兩個新嘅街道模型為 2013 穆列塔, KTM 北美洲, Inc. is excited to announce two new street models, 的 690 Duke and the 990 Adventure Baja to the North American street market for 2013. 690 Duke KTM is excited for the return of KTM’s most popular naked bike, 的 690 公爵. Whether you are a street rider, commuter or a track day rider this bike offers superb handling and unadulterated riding pleasure. 的 690 Duke is a new model for the US and Canadian markets for 2013 and features a low seat height of 32.9 inches to allow for more rider comfort. The engine has been redesigned with ...

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單車, 部分, 配件, 服務, 所有杜卡迪新聞, ktm 同 husaberg…

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 單車, 部分, 配件, 服務, 所有杜卡迪新聞, ktm 同 husaberg…
Bikes, Parts, Accessories, Servicing, News on all Ducati, KTM and Husaberg…

世上最多才多藝嘅旅行復古由一開始就, uncompromising transfer of knowledge from racing to mass production has ensured that off the road, the KTM Adventure series has always been a few lengths ahead of all the other travel enduros. it quickly established itself as the ideal two-cylinder enduro for extreme tours and tough off-road riding. in an exceptional development effort, KTM has now put together the new 1190 Adventure, whose versatility in every respect will define new standards in the travel segment without sacrificing a single foot of ground where performance is concerned. To the contrary: at 150 hp of power and a weight of only 230 kg fully fuelled, the latest ...

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KTM Duke-based Supermoto Spied! – Overdrive

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉KTM Duke-based Supermoto Spied! – Overdrive
KTM Duke-based Supermoto Spied! – Overdrive

KTM Duke-based supermoto spied! This image of a supermotard clearly based on the KTM Duke platform has appeared on an European KTM forum. KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has often spoken of the company’s plans with Bajaj Auto revealing the nakeds (already out), the sports bikes (coming to Auto Expo most likely) and the enduro bikes (likely late 2014 or early 2015). But a supermotard has never been mentioned. Historically the supermotard format was a delicious confection born from the addition of street wheels (going from a spoked 21 front/19 rear to an alloy 17 inch set), tyres and a bigger front brake to a dirt bike. They were raced on part-dirt and part-tarmac courses. They have also proved to be ...

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2012 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition- Riding Impression Review

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 2012 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition- Riding Impression Review
2012 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition- Riding Impression Review

2012 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition – Riding Impression A Dungey Replica, KTM 嘅下一代 450. 攝影師. Jeff Allen Kevin Cameron could write a book about how racing helps funnel technology to production motorcycles. That book would be very informative, but he hasn’t written it, so we can’t read it. Luckily, all that motocross racers have to do is just look at KTM’s new 450 SX-F Factory Edition and see that it’s purposely built for professional racing but available for the eager consumer. Only 400 are being sold in the U.S. though, so if you don’t already have one, you may be too late. You probably want to know about the Factory anyway, because it is nothing like the ...

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2009 KTM 990 supermoto t 電單車評論 @ 最高速度

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 2009 KTM 990 supermoto t 電單車評論 @ 最高速度
2009 KTM 990 Supermoto T motorcycle review @ Top Speed

規格: 介紹, 我哋只能驚訝於佢哋所做嘅令人印象深刻嘅工作, 不僅在根本上改變了 990 supermoto 模型, but in paving the way to a new category of touring motorcycles. KTM’s Supermoto machines are acknowledged around the world as the best in the business, but, by their nature, these are meant to be ridden on the long haul so that is what the Touring version is here to fix. It uses the impressively light (58 kg) and compact LC8 engine mounted on the chromium-molybdenum frame (11 kg) as well as the WP chassis, but adds a half fairing and windscreen on top of that, making it ideal for long travels, be them on or even off the roads. 歷史 ...

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測試 ktm 杜克 690 2012: 單一到極嘅文化

量规: KTM | 19 君 2015 | 註釋關閉 上 測試 ktm 杜克 690 2012: 單一到極嘅文化
Test KTM Duke 690 2012: Terribly Mono Culture

測試 ktm 杜克 690 2012: 可怕的單文化7月 7, 2012 | 提起下: KTM | 張貼者: 饒了 ktm 公爵 690 發展顯著 2012. KTM redefined its concept of supermotard mono lorry driver to make it more accessible to the daily newspaper, easier to control and more accessible with the purchase. KTM 公爵 690 2012 does not remain about it less one looked motor bike, fun, effective and very powerful! Let us see that immediately… KTM has surprised its world at the end of 2011 by revealing a new version of its KTM Duke 690 2012 turning the back with the concept of super motored road extreme. Halfway between the supermotard and the sporting roadster, there were all the sorrows ...

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