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Volunteer VTX

The new Volunteer VTX cross-over concept, developed by Cub Cadet, has been unveiled today at the SEMA 2010 show in Las Vegas. The Cub Cadet Volunteer VTX ATV is powered by a 850cc Webber engine with electronic on-dash shifting and its manufacturer says it can reach a top speed of more than 45 mph. Actually, the Cub Cadet Volunteer VTX ATV has two keys, which when used, set different top speeds for the vehicle.

One of them restricts the top speed of the Cub Cadet Volunteer VTX to 25 mph while the other one lets it free until it reaches 45 mph.

The Cub Cadet Volunteer VTX features a custom contoured bench, an adjustable suspension system, and promises to offer a smooth, stable, and comfortable ride.

The Cub Cadet Volunteer VTX also benefits from a fully digital interface, including an in-dash monitor with GPS and rear-facing camera view.

of both form and function, bringing high style to high performance and high capability applications, said Jeff Salamon, director of marketing. The essence of the new VTX concept utility vehicle is a combination of powerful utility with incredible transformability – allowing users unprecedented UTV functionality. Pushing the boundaries of the UTV as we know it, the cross-over design of the VTX opens the market to a new class of transformable Utility Vehicles.

To establish a future vision of UTVs and create the Volunteer VTX concept, Cub Cadet partnered with power sports industry leader, Cycra. The Volunteer VTX creates a new class of transformable Utility Vehicles that set higher

expectations of what a UTV can provide. The concept easily transforms – even in remote locations – for multiple high-demand, high-profile and challenging applications.

To manage difficult municipal tasks, tackle challenging event-related jobs, move cargo and/or

people, the VTX concept offers many of the rugged features found across the proven Volunteer platform with several enhancements in form and function. For those jobs that require additional power, the VTX cross-over includes 12-volt power outlets, hook-ups for air-powered tools and multi-functional high-intensity lighting.

For those looking to explore more challenging terrain, the VTX also offers a wide range of upgrades including a new engine and drive-train. Under the hood is a powerful, parallel-twin Webber engine with twice the horsepower found on the current Volunteer EFI allowing it to reach speeds of 45 mph plus. In keeping with the versatility theme, maximum speed can be easily controlled as necessary by using special speed keys.

Directly in line with its progressive design and styling are a full range of innovative features guaranteed to make a day’s tasks and journey as enjoyable as the destination. Features include unique, foldable jump seats that provide the flexibility to carry up to five riders or create more space behind the front seats for cargo or as a work area. The bed sides fold down to transform the VTX into a mobile work station complete with tool hookups.

The fully digitized dashboard displays a digital instrumentation pod above the steering wheel, including in-dash GPS and radio capabilities. For those adventures that demand even more than four-wheel drive, the VTX comes with a front, rear and portable winch.

The all-new VTX concept vehicle offers users:

Versatility to do More: Whether it’s moving people, valuable equipment or cargo, the VTX quickly and easily converts from the ultimate transporter to the ultimate mobile work station. Features include rear jump-seats that can accommodate more people or be folded down and out of the way to reveal a sizable flat surface with an innovative versatile track system.

This highly adaptable area can be used simply as additional storage space or, thanks to the track system, used for a variety of purposes ranging from a slide-out work support area to a secure storage case system and even to carrying a stretcher. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. In addition to the jump seat area, the rear bed sides of the VTX fold flat to create a large remote work shop.

On-board 110V electric outlets and retractable air hose allow the use of power tools and more.

A Comfortable Ride: Thanks to a custom contoured bench seat and adjustable suspension, the VTX holds riders in place and gives users a smooth, stable, and comfortable ride on both civilized and uncivilized terrain.

More Power: Relying on an 850cc Webber engine and electronic on-dash shifting, users will have more power at their fingertips than any other Volunteer utility vehicle with the ability to comfortably reach speeds of 45+ mph.

Speed Key Technology: For specific applications users can choose between two separate speed keys that set top speeds. For work around schools, municipalities, job-sites and residential communities, the lower speed key restricts speed to 25 mph. The high speed option key allows for 45+ mphperfect for longer excursions.

High-Profile Styling: The design of the new VTX concept combines assertive styling with purposeful design for an unequaled combination of high-profile appearance, unmatched versatility and rugged durability. The VTX is a utility vehicle that brings high style to high performance applications.

Fully-Digital Interface: A dynamic digital display conveniently located on the steering column allows users to easily access vital information. An in-dash monitor with GPS and rear-facing camera view gives riders a true global view. The accessibility to information provided by the VTX is unlike any other UTV on the market.

Three Volunteer utility vehicles will be featured at the 2010 SEMA Show: the new 850cc Volunteer VTX concept vehicle, a 4×4 V2 concept vehicle with a Harley-Davidson Revolution engine and a stock Volunteer 4×4 EFI. All three UTVs will be available for attendees and the press to preview at Volunteer Booth 38040 and in the feature vehicle display area. For more information about the Volunteer utility vehicles manufactured by Cub Cadet visit www.CubCadetUV.com.

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