2012 印度首席黑馬殺手精英循環〜motorboxer

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 20 君 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2012 印度首席黑馬殺手精英循環〜motorboxer
2012 Indian Chief Dark Horse Killer Classic Cycles ~ motorboxer

2012 Indian Chief Dark Horse Killer Classic Cycles I spent the Labor Day weekend with an Indian Chief Dark Horse motorcycle. I picked it up on Friday and kept it until Tuesday. I rode the heck out of it and put on over 500 miles during which time I had fun putting it through its paces. 該 2012 Indian Dark Horse . rigid mounted fuel-injected 105 Cubic Inch Power-Plus V-Twin engine, 6-speed Trans, and Brembo disc brakes. It was all stock except for the fringe on the seat it was the only added option. List base price (from the website): $27,999.00 plus set-up and taxes. At one place I stopped, there was a little girl about 8 years old. She said that she liked the bike. I asked her why and she ...

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印度摩托車公司耗盡金錢新聞 & Updates Motorcycle

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 19 君 2015 | 評論關閉 上 印度摩托車公司耗盡金錢新聞 & Updates Motorcycle
Indian Motorcycle Company Runs Out of Money News & Updates Motorcycle…

Indian Motorcycle Company Shuts Its Doors IMCTU-logos-lg.jpg Five years into its attempt to revive the Indian Motorcycle brand, the latest iteration of Indian Motorcycles has headed for the happy hunting ground. The Gilroy, California company announced it would shut its doors on Friday, 九月 19, 2003, after failing to obtain necessary financing to continue operations. The announcement comes 50 years after the first Indian Motorcycle company ceased operations and five years after the current entity was created. The announcement took almost everyone, ourselves included, by surprise. The company finally seemed to be making progress, based on a meeting we had with it just a week before. ...

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LIVE! Fake Twitter, Facebook accounts misrepresenting my views: Shah

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 18 君 2015 | 評論關閉LIVE! Fake Twitter, Facebook accounts misrepresenting my views: Shah
LIVE! Fake Twitter, Facebook accounts misrepresenting my views: Shah…

LIVE! Fake Twitter, Facebook accounts misrepresenting my views: Shah January 07, 2014 23:42 55 IPS officers shifted in Rajasthan : In another major reshuffle of senior police officials within 24 hours, Rajasthan government tonight shifted 55 IPS officers including SPs, commandants, and deputy-commissioner of police in the state. Yesterday, the Vasundhara Raje government had transferred as many as 40 IPS officers, including the Director general of police (jail), 11 additional director generals, 10 inspector generals . 23:08 Delhi-bound Air India plane makes emergency landing : Delhi-bound Air India plane with 135 passengers on board was forced to make emergency landing at an airport here ...

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Steve McQueen’s Indian Big Chief (restored by Von Dutch) — Silodrome

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 16 君 2015 | 評論關閉Steve McQueen’s Indian Big Chief (restored by Von Dutch) — Silodrome
Steve McQueen’s Indian Big Chief (restored by Von Dutch) — Silodrome

Steve McQueen’s Indian Big Chief (restored by Von Dutch) On Christmas Eve each year we try to feature something genuinely remarkable, for those of you who’ve come to Silodrome to escape a Christmas of excessive eating, certifiably insane relatives and screaming children. We spent a while looking for something worthy of a Christmas feature on Silodrome and settled on this beautiful 1923 Indian Big Chief, formally owned by Steve McQueen and restored by Von Dutch (Kenny Howard) 在 1969. 該 1923 Indian Big Chief is a motorcycle that was designed by racer and engineer Charles B. Franklin as a flagship model for Indian, it had an all new 1200cc (73 cubic inch) engine with dual cams, helical ...

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Another nice Indian article » Indian Motorcycles Victory Motorcycles

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 14 君 2015 | 評論關閉Another nice Indian article » Indian Motorcycles Victory Motorcycles
Another nice Indian article » Indian Motorcycles Victory Motorcycles…

Another nice Indian article I’ve cut and pasted in case anyone else can’t open it, opens fine for me but the article is below, from the Chicago Tribune Indian Motocycles was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1901 (the r was added later), predating Harley-Davidson by two years. The original company went out of business in 1953. Many bikes wore the Indian brand in the decades that followed, with several abortive attempts to resuscitate the company through the end of the century and beyond. 在 2011, powersports giant Polaris bought Indian and relocated production to Spirit Lake, Iowa, where it also produces Victory brand bikes. After several years of design and engineering, ...

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第一次坐: 2014 印度首席經典, 復古和酋長 – 循環新聞

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 11 君 2015 | 評論關閉 上 第一次坐: 2014 印度首席經典, 復古和酋長 – 循環新聞
First Ride: 2014 Indian Chief Classic, Vintage and Chieftain – Cycle News

第一次坐: 2014 印度首席經典, Vintage and Chieftain The bare-bones Indian Chief Classic has old-school looks with modern cruiser performance. Sturgis, South Dakota, the site of the worlds largest motorcycle rally, provided a perfect backdrop for Indian Motorcycles to reveal not one but all three of the new company’s new line of Indian Chief motorcycles, and they did so in front of an enthusiastic gathering of American-brand loyal bikers at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame. To the delight and seemingly approval of the huge crowd, the new Indian Motorcycle company unveiled the Chief Classic, with its original Indian styling; the Chief Vintage, with a windshield and ...

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The Indian Motorcycle Returns in All Its GloryWSJ.com

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 11 君 2015 | 評論關閉The Indian Motorcycle Returns in All Its GloryWSJ.com
The Indian Motorcycle Returns in All Its Glory – WSJ.com

Save to 2014 Indian Chief Dan Neil/The Wall Street Journal WOULD YOU LIKE to hear some good news? After decades of sordid mismanagement and cyclical bankruptcy, the great Indian Motorcycle brand has been reborn in the American heartland (Spirit Lake, Iowa) with alluring retro-modern cruisers powered by beautiful/vulgar 111-inch V-twin engines. Imagine the velvety crumple and flap coming from the streamlined Deco exhaust pipes, the chirr of pushrod tappets ricocheting off canyon walls, the snapping pennants at full throttle. Get a load of this thing coming around a corner. You got a permit for this event? 該 2014 Indian Chief motorcycle has awakened some sort of motorcycle sleeper cell in ...

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Orientation Edition

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 10 君 2015 | 評論關閉Orientation Edition
Orientation Edition

Welcome to Tropic Lightning The 25th Infantry Division Page 2 TROPIC LIGHTNING NEWS Orientation Edition Cu ChiLess Than Paradise But Things Are Improving Cu Chi, Cu Chi, worst place I ever did see, lament the lyrics of a song written by a 25th Division Infantryman. But this lament was written in February, 1966, shortly after the 2d Brigade arrived at its then dusty and desolate new home. Newsmen who visited the base camp early in that year now say they wouldn’t believe it’s the same place. Roads that were once covered with choking foot-deep dust or soft un-navigable mud-depending upon the time of dayare now paved and useable in any weather. The disorganized ...

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2011 印度首席路線大師

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 8 君 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2011 印度首席路線大師
2011 Indian Chief Roadmaster

2011 印度首席路線大師 2011 印第安酋長 105 cubic inch PowerPlusTM engine with electronic fuel injection – 2011 印度首席路線大師 2011 Indian Chief Roadmaster History tells the story of an American legend that refused to die. 110 years later, that story continues. It began in Springfi eld, Massachusetts, 110 years ago. George Hendee, a champion bicycle racer, and Oscar Hedstrom, a gifted inventor, gave America its fi rst production motorcycle. They distilled into that bike everything that was great about Americaa desire for freedom, a love of open spaces and a pioneering attitude. You could swing your leg over the machine they created and ride off on it into ...

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INDIAN GRAND PRIX REVIEWBTCC BlogsBritish Touring Car Championship

專欄: 印第安酋長 | 8 君 2015 | 評論關閉INDIAN GRAND PRIX REVIEWBTCC BlogsBritish Touring Car Championship
INDIAN GRAND PRIX REVIEW – BTCC Blogs – British Touring Car Championship…

INDIAN GRAND PRIX REVIEW INDIAN GRAND PRIX REVIEW 31 October 2012 Williams F1 added to its world championship points tally at the Indian Grand Prix, when Bruno Senna came home in 10th place. It was a positive weekend for the team because the FW34 was competitive around the Buddh International Circuit from the outset, as our Chief Operations Engineer Mark Gillan explains. Q: The FW34 proved to be much more competitive in India than it was in Korea two weeks ago. To what do you attribute this improvement? MG: We have had a balance inconsistency in the car over the last few races and we managed to isolate the cause in India and fix the issue. Q: How would you sum up the performances of Bruno ...

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