德賴斯代爾2x2x2的- 2WD概述

專欄: 鈴木 | 20 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 德賴斯代爾2x2x2的- 2WD概述
Drysdale 2x2x2- 2WD Overview

2WD摩托車概述 兩輪驅動摩托車基本上可以分成兩大類; 那些與由鏈或軸的裝置的機械驅動, and those using hydraulic drive using pressurised fluid such as the Dryvtech 2x2x2. As with any departure from mainstream design, those bikes based heavily on existing motorcycles seem to be more ‘successful’, though the definition of that word depends largely on the objectives of the project. There have been a few 2WD designs in recent times that have really put 2WD on the map because they perform like a conventional bike, but a little better. Who was it in the GP world who said The bike that wins this year will the bike ...

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專欄: 鈴木 | 20 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 家

Check out one of our older TECH TIP videos Best in the Desert Parker 250 該 2014 BITD season has already kicked off with the Parker 250. CT Racing Let there intentions be known that they were after sixth straight BITD title, with a convincing win by over 6 minutes by CT Racing Riders Dave Scott and Danny Prather. The Duo started 5th Pro ATV off the line and powered there CT Racing Prepared TRX450R by the competition, including most of the motorcycles, finishing 5th over all. The course had a lot of whoops, dust (starting behind over 30 摩托車) and rock sections keeping the average speed down, the duo had an average speed of just under 48 miles per hour. Joe Ramos and Trent Kendall finished ...

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2013 鈴木BURGMAN 400 頂新摩托車

專欄: 鈴木 | 20 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2013 鈴木BURGMAN 400 頂新摩托車
2013 Suzuki Burgman 400 Top New Motorcycles

2013 鈴木BURGMAN 400 The modern and exclusive, the new Suzuki Burgman 400, a lure for those who besides superior comfort and driveability are looking for a scooter that will turn heads, and the price is not a problem … In addition to increased mobility versus cars in the city, big scooters like Suzuki Burgman 400 winning the battle on the open roads and motorways to. Burgman first presented to the public in Germany 1998th which makes some sense because “Burgman” in German means “urban man”. After some redesign over the years, BURGMAN 400 has arrived further modernized and beautified 2007. 年. The main difference with respect to the previous model are increasing compression, ...

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GP的經典鋼 #63: 2005 鈴木RM250 PulpMX

專欄: 鈴木 | 19 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 GP的經典鋼 #63: 2005 鈴木RM250 PulpMX
GP’s Classic Steel #63: 2005 Suzuki RM250 PulpMX

Poll If you look up the word “two-stroke” in a dictionary, this is the machine you should see. 該 2005 RM250 snapped to attention at the slightest touch of the throttle and ripped through the powerband at warp speed. It was the exact antithesis of the new wave of thumpers taking over the sport. The King of zing. After decades of playing second fiddle in the power sweepstakes, Suzuki finally hit the sweet spot in 2005. The 249cc mill barked from the first twist of the throttle and kept on pulling until the cows came home. It was quicker revving and less smooth than the electric Yamaha, but just as effective on the track. In late 2004, Suzuki pulled the coup of the century by snagging ...

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該GSResources – 定子論文我 – 在GS充電系統的底漆

專欄: 鈴木 | 19 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 該GSResources – 定子論文我 – 在GS充電系統的底漆
The GSResources – Stator Papers I – A primer on GS charging systems

A primer on GS charging systems by Peter Huppertz ( with updates by the current editors ) This article goes into the theoretical aspects of the charging problems on some Suzuki GS models. It tries (successfully!) to identify the source of the problem, 和 (inconclusively) the cause as well. During the time that this piece of prose has been on-line, some questions were asked, from which I learnt a few things: it was actually read, which indicates that it is indeed helpful the problem hit a lot of people some people had information that was very useful as well the article was incomplete and needed some practical information From this feedback, I compiled some sort of FAQ. It is advised, ...

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我們測試: 鈴木SFV 650 劍宗 – 小曲柄 (照片, 視頻) Mosaicsallthewa…

專欄: 鈴木 | 19 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 我們測試: 鈴木SFV 650 劍宗 – 小曲柄 (照片, 視頻) Mosaicsallthewa…
We test: Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius – small crank (photo, video) Mosaicsallthewa…

我們測試: 鈴木SFV 650 Gladius – small crank (照片, 視頻) Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2011 in Top news Suzuki Gladius is an example for this, with the price below 30 thousand. gold you can buy a new motorcycle, which is able to deliver a good dose of emotion. [6] 鈴木SFV 650 Gladius is a dynamic, yet frugal engine. In addition to the motorcycle itself well maintained. Photo by Charles Biela Gladius made his debut on the market three years ago, but today is a machine, which inspires lively discussion among motorcyclists. Some point out the outright metrosexual style and color, others for the glory of a motorcycle at the same time powerful and frugal engine and good handling properties ...

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鈴木摩托車BURGMAN燃料電池綠色科技運行 – CNET科技資訊網

專欄: 鈴木 | 19 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 鈴木摩托車BURGMAN燃料電池綠色科技運行 – CNET科技資訊網
Suzuki Burgman scooter runs on fuel cell Green Tech – CNET News

Suzuki Burgman scooter runs on fuel cell The scooter will get road tests in England this year, but its maker doesn’t expect to arrive at mass production until 2015. 二月 3, 2010 7:42 AM PST LONDONA new hydrogen-powered fuel cell hybrid electric scooter will enable city commuting ease without harming the environment, the chief executive of Intelligent Energy said at the bike’s launch here. The Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter, made by clean power systems company Intelligent Energy and Suzuki Motor, will be tested in Loughborough from this month, with further road tests planned for London later this year. We see a market pull for more energy-efficient products and there ...

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2006 忍者650R VS鈴木SV650 – 美國摩托車

專欄: 鈴木 | 19 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2006 忍者650R VS鈴木SV650 – 美國摩托車
2006 Ninja 650R vs Suzuki SV650 – Motorcycle USA

2006 Ninja 650R vs Suzuki SV650 Life must be tough for middleweight Twins. Despite all they have to offer, they still get tagged with the beginner bike label. While many of these bikes may be bought by first-time motorcyclists and buying one of these rather than, say, a GSX-R1000 or ZX-10 as your first ride displays uncommon common sense, the label is still somewhat insulting. Even though it does imply that you’re doing something pretty coollearning to ride a motorcyclea certain stigma remains. 畢竟, how many people would walk proudly into their local pharmacy and ask the cute cashier where to find the trainer condoms? You would think that the beginner bike moniker ...

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2007 世爵F8-VII八缸引擎以及BatuCars

專欄: 鈴木 | 19 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2007 世爵F8-VII八缸引擎以及BatuCars
2007 Spyker F8-VII Eight Cylinder Engine as Well BatuCars

2007 Spyker F8-VII Eight Cylinder Engine as Well Press Release: When the company started trading at the beginning of the 20th century it launched the car models named A, B and C to the market. When Spyker CEO Victor Muller resurrected the Spyker name in 2000 he wanted to build on that strong history, ”When we launched the first modern line of Spykers, the C8 Spyder, we called it the C line to follow on from the original model rationale. The E line will be launched in the near future, so it makes sense for our Formula 1 car, our latest model, to be the F line.” The number eight refers to the number of cylinders of Spyker’s Ferrari engine, as with the road going Spykers such as the C8 ...

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2008 鈴木B-王測試!

專欄: 鈴木 | 19 Jun 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2008 鈴木B-王測試!
2008 Suzuki B-King tested!

Hayabusa by now is such a provocative name instantly recognised with speed. Its ten years now since 1998 when the bike was unveiled for the first time. 2008 is once again a year for speed and the Hayabusa does not disappoint. Suzuki even offers a naked version now and we’re not sure which one we’d rather keep! Words: Tor Sagen/Photography: Martin Leyfield and Tor Sagen Both bikes now feature the 1340cc torque laden in-line four. They are both easy to be enthusiastic about and that’s not always the case for Japanese metal! In the seat of either two there’s never any doubt that you are controlling extraordinary and pure muscle! I spent nearly two weeks on the B-King first and on my ...

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