杜卡迪菲律賓推出Diavel巡洋艦 – 新聞

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 19 君 2015 | 評論關閉 上 杜卡迪菲律賓推出Diavel巡洋艦 – 新聞
Ducati Philippines launches Diavel cruiser – News

Ducati Philippines launches Diavel cruiser Ducati is best known for its sport and naked bikes. 現在, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, through local distributor Ducati Philippines. has its sights on the country’s local cruiser motorcycle market by launching the Diavel . The Diavel is, without any doubt, the most exciting innovation in the Ducati 2011 line because it represents a new concept of motorcycle, said Toti Alberto, chief executive of Ducati Philippines. It’s styled like a cruiser but it has the power of a muscle bike and the performance of a sport bike . Alberto can confidently claim that the Diavel is all that, having flown to Ducati’s home base in Bologna, 意大利, ...

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杜卡迪Diavel: Ride with the Devil

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 19 君 2015 | 評論關閉 上 杜卡迪Diavel: Ride with the Devil
Ducati Diavel: Ride with the Devil

The cruiser of today is stuck in the image of the past. This means all cruisers must have chrome, retro styling and lolloping V-Twins, even if the rest of their lineup doesn’t fit that aesthetic. But what if the cruiser wasn’t stuck in the past? What if a brand wasn’t satisfied with the notion that comfort didn’t have to come at the expense of speed? 杜卡迪, a brand built on their racing heritage, has decided to challenge the cruiser status quo with the Diavel. 正在進行中, chrome has been replaced with carbon fiber. When the Diavel first debuted, many people saw it as a brand expansion that had gone one step too far. Here was Ducati’s “Cayenne moment” – that moment in time ...

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Ducati Unveils CKD Diavel At Lower Price

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 18 君 2015 | 評論關閉Ducati Unveils CKD Diavel At Lower Price
Ducati Unveils CKD Diavel At Lower Price

Ducati Unveils CKD Diavel At Lower Price data-trigger=hover class=pop-blog-ads Used 2000 Mercedes-Benz E -2 data-trigger=hover class=pop-blog-ads NAZA Group Of Companies Group Chief Operating Officer Dato’ SM Zulkifli SM Amin together with Ducati Asia Pacific Sales Manager Davide De Lorenzi was on-hand to unveil the CKD Diavel and revealed the new starting price of just RM109,888 for it. They explained that the CKD Diavel is built at their Thailand factory to take advantage of the Asean tax duties which results in a lower retail price. “Just because it’s built in Thailand, it doesn’t mean that the quality is lower. The quality is the same as we have technicians from Italy to ...

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第一次坐: 杜卡迪Diavel碳回顧 – 路試: 首先遊戲機 – Visordown

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 17 君 2015 | 評論關閉 上 第一次坐: 杜卡迪Diavel碳回顧 – 路試: 首先遊戲機 – Visordown
First Ride: Ducati Diavel Carbon review – Road Tests: First Rides – Visordown

第一次坐: Ducati Diavel Carbon review A Diavel one-make race series. Now there’s an idea. “So, ah. How do you like ah cruising in Bolognese sauce?” says Ducati’s Marketing Director to me as we sit down for a coffee having tackled the amazingly twisty and sun-drenched Ronda road in Spain. And that’s the thing, the Diavel is hard to pigeonhole. Before talking to the team behind the bike, on looks alone I thought it was a cruiser with a good engine. Even though it shares a lot of parts you’d find on a superbike, it’s not a superbike. 和, it’s just too different to be lumped into the naked category. 所以, why am I bothered about squeezing this ...

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Ducati Diavel UK road test Ash On Bikes

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 2 君 2015 | 評論關閉Ducati Diavel UK road test Ash On Bikes
Ducati Diavel UK road test Ash On Bikes

Ducati Diavel UK road test The Diavel has been a phenomenon, wowing reviewers, this one included, with its compelling mix of huge thrust, liquid power delivery, outstanding handling and wild, forbidding looks. But it’s flawed. You can read the full Ducati Diavel launch review here, and after spending 600 英里 (1,000千米) in the UK with a Carbon Red Diavel, I`d not modify anything I said then about the bike`s breathtaking dynamics. There are additions though, the sorts of things that you only find out by using a bike to go places and do things as you`d do if you owned it. And they do throw a different light on some aspects of the bike. It should be no surprise this is not a machine for ...

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2012 杜卡迪Diavel

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 29 可能 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2012 杜卡迪Diavel
2012 Ducati Diavel

試乘: 2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon Red “Ducati’s Diavel: A Bolognese mechanical marvel” When one first beholds Ducati’s Diavel in any of its trim levels, it’s more than just a little intimidating. Is it a sport bike? A Cruiser? Is it a touring bike? Is it a naked bike? The answer, is that it’s really none of the aforementioned In reality, it’s a blend of all these and more. Officially, the Diavel translates as “Devil” in Bolognese, the Italian provincial area from where it comes. 該 2012 Ducati Diavel comes in four levels of trim: a standard model; the Diavel Chromo; the Diavel Carbon, which is available in both Red and Black (I guess you could count that as two in one). ...

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Ducati Diavel Revealed – 摩托車…

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 16 可能 2015 | 評論關閉Ducati Diavel Revealed – 摩托車…
Ducati Diavel Revealed – Motorcycle…

Ducati Diavel Revealed Not all of us like cruisers. Okay, some of us despise cruisers and all they represent and stand for. But after years of speculation and months of teaser spy photos, Ducati’s first cruiser in a generation was officially announced today, and it may send the most hardened anti-cruiser hecklers into the nearest lifestyle leather facility to get some chaps and conchoes. We’ve been speculating about the exact contents of this aggressively styled package, but here, at last, are the hard facts. It uses a full-honk 162 馬力, 94 lb.-ft. of torque version of the wonderful 1198cc Testastetta motor called the “11º,” referring to a new 11-degree valve overlap angle ...

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Ducati Diavel and Diavel Carbon

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 15 可能 2015 | 評論關閉Ducati Diavel and Diavel Carbon
Ducati Diavel and Diavel Carbon

Ducati Diavel and Diavel Carbon Urban Assault Vehicles Finally, we have got our hands on the new Ducati Diavel for you. There have been so many orders for the Diavel that Ducati Australia couldn’t even put on a demo unit for the public, let alone give one to the hungry press to review. But we got one and, 男孩, was it worth the wait! We’ve named it the Urban Assault Vehicle as it will assault your mind, heart, eyes and ears and bystanders will be put on notice by both the ear-pounding thump and the Diavel’s outlandish style. The name Diavel (pronounced dee-AH-vel) comes from the local dialect word for “devil”. Apparently, when it was wheeled out in front of ...

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杜卡迪Diavel – Forged in HellOwnership Review – 團隊-BHP

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 14 可能 2015 | 評論關閉 上 杜卡迪Diavel – Forged in HellOwnership Review – 團隊-BHP
Ducati Diavel – Forged in Hell – Ownership Review – Team-BHP

杜卡迪Diavel – Forged in HellOwnership Review Ducati DiavelForged in HellOwnership Review Hi Guys, Been meaning to put this thread up for a couple of days now. The story of my Diavel. I was bowled over by the looks of the Diavel as soon as pictures started appearing on the internet. First rides and reviews only confirmed what I had hoped for: that it rode as good as it looked. It took me a while to decide how and where to buy the bike from. Started doing research about Ducati India, and about possibility of direct import. The Desmo service and DDS (Ducati Diagnostic tool) resets for the services ruled out direct import. This was no Harley that I can do ...

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Ducati announces AMG partnershipand releases the 1200cc Diavel power cruiser

專欄: 杜卡迪 | 10 可能 2015 | 評論關閉Ducati announces AMG partnershipand releases the 1200cc Diavel power cruiser
Ducati announces AMG partnership – and releases the 1200cc Diavel power cruiser

Ducati announces AMG partnershipand releases the 1200cc Diavel power cruiser The 2011 Ducati Diavel power cruiser Two very interesting pieces of news from Italian motorcycle marque Ducati this week. 首先, a co-operative partnership and MotoGP sponsorship deal with Mercedes-AMG – demonstrating the dollar- and eyeball-pulling power of star recruit Valentino Rossi – and secondly, the wraps have come off one of the worst-kept secrets in the motorcycle industry, with the Ducati Diavel power-cruiser making its public debut. The Diavel has got most Ducati fans stumped – it’s a bizarre-looking musclebike/cruiser/street rod design that seems to fit somewhere in between the ...

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