Purchase used 2011 Honda Insight EX Hybrid 39k, 1 Owner, LIFETIME Warranty

專欄: 本田 | 18 君 2015 | 評論關閉Purchase used 2011 Honda Insight EX Hybrid 39k, 1 Owner, LIFETIME Warranty
Purchase used 2011 Honda Insight EX Hybrid 39k, 1 Owner, LIFETIME Warranty…

Homann Tire Automotive —– Auto blog 2012 Honda NC700X Fri, 28 Dec 2012 11:57:00 EST Honda Builds The Crossover Of Bikes Here in the land of Harleys and highways that stretch to infinity, Americans don’t care much for sensible motorcycles. Unlike the majority of global bike buyers, North Americans tend to choose escape over utility, performance over practicalitythat’s simply how it’s been done in the land of the free, at least until a funny thing happened on the way to the global recession. As bank balances thinned and fuel prices crept skyward, sales of puffed up sportbikes and cartoonishly endowed cruisers plummeted. Americans rediscovered that ...

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The new Honda Jazz (Jazz Hybrid) Auto News

專欄: 本田 | 8 君 2015 | 評論關閉The new Honda Jazz (Jazz Hybrid) Auto News
The new Honda Jazz (Jazz Hybrid) Auto News

The new Honda Jazz (Jazz Hybrid) The Honda Jazz MPV benefits from changes in the rack, the bodywork and interior, thanks to the introduction of the hybrid. It can be purchased from 14,200 歐元. Also available is a hybrid version (Jazz Hybrid), whose price starts from 17,900 歐元. Honda Jazz 2011 Slight changes to reassert itself as an alternative Honda Jazz 2011 comes to reaffirm its position in the segment B of the commercial carriers, maintaining the qualities of flexibility, practicality and reliability, fuel economy, emissions and driving comfort, reaffirming itself as an alternative for future customers, after the experience of more than 500,000 units sold since 2009. Revised Chassis ...

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Peugeot Hybrid Evolution 3 Review Scooters Mopeds

專欄: 本田 | 31 可能 2015 | 評論關閉Peugeot Hybrid Evolution 3 Review Scooters Mopeds
Peugeot Hybrid Evolution 3 Review Scooters Mopeds

Peugeot Hybrid Evolution 3 Review Peugeot Hybrid Evolution 3 Review At present just a idea but Hybrid3 Evolution Peugeots version also exists in prototype and also its amount of improvement is quite advanced, so very much in order that in 2011 may be presented in last version for the market place. Pratico virtually like a deuce wheels and protected because of three drive wheels, is actually a highly effective automobile (CV 49), versatile and eco-friendly seeing that it emits only forty eight g / km of CO2 during the cycle vanish normalized electric mode because of hybrid technology . thanks to the distinct kind and structure is positioned among the universe along with the motorbike automobile. ...

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專欄: 本田 | 29 可能 2015 | 評論關閉 上 比亞喬出售插電式混合動力車滑板車
Piaggio to Sell Plug-In Hybrid Scooter

比亞喬出售插電式混合動力車滑板車 [04/28/2009] 比亞喬, the Italian scooter maker, is planning to introduce a plug-in hybrid version of its three-wheel MP3 scooter for the American market by 2010. [an error occurred while processing this directive] 比亞喬, the Italian scooter maker, is planning to introduce a plug-in hybrid version of its three-wheel MP3 scooter for the American market by 2010. According to Paolo Timoni, president and chief executive of Piaggio Group Americas, the new MP3 plug-in hybrid will have a 125cc engine and a lithium battery pack, yielding something like 250cc performance. The size of the battery pack is yet to be determined, but Mr. Timoni said Piaggio is ...

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Maxi Scooter

專欄: 本田 | 21 可能 2015 | 評論關閉Maxi Scooter
Maxi Scooter

To understand maxi scooters we have to go all the way back to WWII when Cushman, an American company, produced motor scooters for the US and British armies. The story goes that one of these were dropped by the RAF over Italy for Italian Partisans fighting the German occupation powers and fell into the hands of Enrico Piaggio. 之間 1943 和 1945 he produced what would eventually become Vespa in the two prototypes MP5 and MP6 (Moto Piaggio #5 和 6). 在 1946 the name Vespa came into use and the Vespa 98 hit the market. They were an instant success but it wasn’t until the 1952 romantic comedy Roman Holiday hit the silver screens that Vespa’s really became an international success with the ...

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Piaggio MP3 Hybrid – 踏板車評論

專欄: 本田 | 17 可能 2015 | 評論關閉Piaggio MP3 Hybrid – 踏板車評論
Piaggio MP3 Hybrid – The Scooter Review

Brand Search The future is here! well progress is progressing. Petrol/Electric 3 wheeled Hybrid. How does 140MPG sound to you? There has been plenty of work done on production electric scooters, while the automotive world seems focussed on hybrid technology. Well Piaggio took the opportunity of the EICMA show in Milan to reveal a production ready Hybrid scooter. Now we all know about the MP3, the technology is now proven and if you have ridden one you will know how well it works. The Hybrid takes this radical, modern looking scooter to the next level. According to Piaggio’s information this Parallel Hybrid should do around 141MPG. I will hold judgement of this figure untill it can be ...

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專欄: 本田 | 4 可能 2015 | 評論關閉 上 英雄飛躍混合動力踏板車Indiaon2wheels
Hero Leap Hybrid Scooter Indiaon2wheels

Hero Leap Hybrid Scooter January 30, 2014 Yesterday, Hero Moto Corp showcased India’s first hybrid scooter, Leap, in its pre-production form. Hero Leap Is powered by an 8KW electric traction motor and also incorporates a 125cc petrol engine, which acts as a range extender. This allows Leap to overcome the biggest problem faced by electric vehicles, limited range. With the combination of fully charged lithium ion batteries and petrol powered range extender (fuel capacity of 3 liter), Hero Leap can run for a maximum of 340kms and has a claimed top speed of 100kmph in combined mode. As with all electric vehicles, Hero Leap is a clutchless and gearless scooter and has near silent electric ...

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工程學生建立 2 Wheel Drive Hybrid Prototype Scooter throt

專欄: 本田 | 1 可能 2015 | 評論關閉 上 工程學生建立 2 Wheel Drive Hybrid Prototype Scooter throt
Engineering Students Build 2 Wheel Drive Hybrid Prototype Scooter throt…

工程學生建立 2 Wheel Drive Hybrid Prototype Scooter In 2012 we can expect the fuel prices increasing to unimaginable levels. Gone are the days when petrol was available for 40 rs per liter. There is a reason why those fuel hungry yet fun, smoking 2 strokes were wiped out of the face of the planet earth. Being a 2 stroke fan myself i can only dream about them making a comeback. Thats when four Automobile engineering students and our friends at VMKV Engineering college Salem, found a way to build a hybrid combining the good old 2 stroke fun, and practicality and efficiency of an electric motor. The Hybrid. In theory it works similarly to the much advanced hybrids available in ...

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Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Scooter Debuts – 美國摩托車

專欄: 本田 | 27 四月 2015 | 評論關閉Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Scooter Debuts – 美國摩托車
Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Scooter Debuts – Motorcycle USA

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Scooter Debuts The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid combines the best of IC and electric efficiency to achieve claims of 140 MPG. European manufacturer Piaggio has officially introduced its MP3 Hybrid scooter. The gas/electric hybrid concept first debuted in 2007, when it was dubbed the HyS and proposed to be fitted on a number of Piaggio scooter models, including the MP3 as well as more conventional two-wheeled designs. Now a production reality, the MP3 Hybrid will hit the European streets using a conventional 125cc internal combustion engine mated to a brushless electric motor. The MP3 Hybrid is slated to cross the Atlantic as a 2010 US model. Hybrid Scooter Power The MP3 Hybrid ...

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2008 Vectrix Electric Scooter

專欄: 本田 | 16 四月 2015 | 評論關閉 上 2008 Vectrix Electric Scooter
2008 Vectrix Electric Scooter –

The Shape of Things To Come? Photos by Lorella Borri Fancy a peek into a truly functional crystal ball? Hop on this new ground-breaking scooter made by America-based Vectrix Company and have a taste of what may become the shape of things to come: electric-powered bikes. Instead the Vectrix runs solely on electric power, and after a few days of commuting on it, I have to admit I was in a slight state of future shock. Nothing to do with the actual riding, mind you. On many levels the Vectrix feels and behaves just like a current big scooter. Think more about new mindsets: personal energy management, carrying all sorts of extension cords and pacing yourself to make it to the next socket. 但 ...

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