用过的 2006 美国铁马的Slammer出售 – 贝敦, TX – 4029 EagleRider

专栏: 美国铁马 | 8 Jun 2015 | 评论关闭 上 用过的 2006 美国铁马的Slammer出售 – 贝敦, TX – 4029 EagleRider
Used 2006 American Ironhorse Slammer for Sale – Baytown, TX – 4029 EagleRider

2006 American Ironhorse Slammer in Baytown. Texas 77523 About This Motorcycle 2006 American Ironhorse Slammer, $21,995, 同 2800 英里, in Houston, TX area has air ride suspension, plus chrome and premium paint package. Bike is in mit condition. V-twin with S and S 124 super sidewinder plus motor. It starts great and runs even better! 1 owner, always garage kept and never wrecked or laid over EagleRider Service Locations Instant Approval TC EagleRider Motorcycle Sales is committed to adhering to privacy principles and requirements in compliance with all applicable laws. It is our policy to safeguard all individually identifiable information entrusted to us. Use of this information enables ...

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Daytec – 摩托车配件

专栏: 美国铁马 | 7 Jun 2015 | 评论关闭 上 Daytec – 摩托车配件
Daytec – Motorcycle Parts

Daytec Looking for an excellent deal on Daytec, then look no additional. We comprehend that gaining the most out of your tough earned funds in todays economic climate is essential to you and your household. For this reason we have partnered with Ebay to help you get the ideal price on Daytec. Ebay is probably the largest and most trusted purchasing sites on the net. We are positive you will discover the great item with the excellent value. For those who want to refine your search be certain to make use of the search box for the suitable. Custom Chrome Daytec Upper Belt Guard For 70 Tooth Rear Pulley $59.50 Whenever a motorbike portion needs to be changed, there’s two options your ...

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2006 铁马砍刀菜刀街

专栏: 美国铁马 | 2 Jun 2015 | 评论关闭 上 2006 铁马砍刀菜刀街
2006 IronHorse Choppers Street Chopper

0601_stcp_11_z + 2006_american_ironHorse_choppers + texas_chopper.jpg 特别Edition10th AnniversaryTexas砍刀 有限公司生产的 125 镀铬的鸟枪软式框架与4英寸顶管和8英寸下伸 隐形摇臂 激进的42度倾角 (38-度帧耙加4度倾斜的三重树) 渐进可调空气悬挂系统 280毫米低轮廓后tire18英寸反射后轮, 喷射黑色机蚀刻细节 90毫米前tire21英寸反射前轮,喷射黑色机蚀刻细节 展会抛光, 124SS的; engineDiamond切, powdercoated头和汽缸 二进一, DYNO-调谐排气系统集成热屏蔽件 六速, 近比率, 光 ...

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2006 美国铁马机车款热卖自行车

专栏: 美国铁马 | 2 Jun 2015 | 评论关闭 上 2006 美国铁马机车款热卖自行车
2006 American Ironhorse Motorcycle Models Hot Bike

0602_hbkp_13z+2006_american_ironhorse_tejas+right_side_view.jpg The year 2006 marks a milestone in the history of the American IronHorse Motorcycle Company. The Fort Worth, TX-based custom cruiser/chopper manufacturer is celebrating its 10th year in business this year. Anyone familiar with the motorcycle industry will tell you just how tough accomplishing this feat truly is. AIH is charging hard into 2006 after racking up record numbers in 2005 for production, sales, and profitability. With all that momentum pushing the company forward, current CEO Wil Garland told us, As we hit the 10-year mark, we want to look back and recognize our founders, our customers, our dealers, and the countless ...

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事情怎么样 “工厂和工厂改良斩波简介”

专栏: 美国铁马 | 31 可以 2015 | 评论关闭 上 事情怎么样 “工厂和工厂改良斩波简介”
HowStuffWorks “Factory and Factory-Modified Chopper Profiles”

Factory and Factory-Modified Chopper Profiles By factory, we don’t mean Harley-Davidson. These choppers come from smaller enterprises typically producing less than 1,000 bikes per year; by contrast, Harley builds upwards of 250,000 a year. These companies offer several models that can be individualized with different colors and paint schemes, providing many buyers the best of both worlds: a great-looking bike that stands out in a crowd, and instant deliverywith a warranty. Some buyers use them as merely a starting point, modifying them with their own special touches. Follow the links below to see detailed pictures and specifications of some of these factory-modified custom ...

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暴力紫 2005 美国铁马LSC RK汽车夏洛特收藏家…

专栏: 美国铁马 | 30 可以 2015 | 评论关闭 上 暴力紫 2005 美国铁马LSC RK汽车夏洛特收藏家…
Violent Violet 2005 American Ironhorse LSC RK Motors Charlotte Collector…

American Ironhorse LSC Did You Know ? See Comparable There are tons of great looking custom bikes on the market these days, but how many of them actually have the performance and dependability to back up their cool parking lot appeal? Featuring a proven SS V-twin motor and 305 American Ironhorse parts that were designed, fabricated and assembled under one roof by one company, this road ready 2005 LSC is one of the most reliable and fully sorted turn-key choppers available anywhere. With exceptional attention to detail and great fit and finish that sets it apart from a segment full of finicky custom bikes, this LSC provides the kind of comfort and ease of ownership that’s only available ...

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美国铁马摩托车, 砍刀摩托车的最大的制造商…

专栏: 美国铁马 | 28 可以 2015 | 评论关闭 上 美国铁马摩托车, 砍刀摩托车的最大的制造商…
American Ironhorse Motorcycles, Largest Manufacturer of Chopper Motorcycles…

美国铁马摩托车, 砍刀摩托车的最大的制造商, Falls in Bad Economy. Michigan’s Liquid Asset Partners to Run Liquidation Sale Fort Worth, TX-based American Ironhorse Motorcycles, once the largest manufacturer of chopper motorcycles in the world, falls victim to a downdraft in the economy. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Liquid Asset Partners to run liquidation sale starting July 15th. Circus-like liquidation event will be once in a lifetime opportunity for general public to see inner workings of a motorcycle factory in person, similar to chopper motorcycle shops seen on TV. Firm that handled liquidation of Circuit City’s headquarters warehouses running ...

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2004 美国铁马LSC LSC达拉斯, 得克萨斯州得克萨斯州进口销售

专栏: 美国铁马 | 26 可以 2015 | 评论关闭 上 2004 美国铁马LSC LSC达拉斯, 得克萨斯州得克萨斯州进口销售
2004 American Ironhorse LSC LSC Dallas, Texas TEXAS IMPORT SALES

客户工具 SS V型双缸发动机1820CC 6速RSD TRANSMISSION 铬的广泛金额 万斯海因斯镀铬双排 IAH数字里程表显示器 耐振动镜子 右侧皮带驱动 液压离合器 4活塞REVOLVER DUAL DISC前制动器 80毫米METZELER前外胎 280毫米METZELER后外胎 多得多. 这个 2004 美国铁马LSC是无可挑剔, 非凡, 期机械, 和美容: 该收藏家自行车是一种从英尺根本上定制的一个. 价值, TX. 绝对的搅局者定制完美无瑕的银色细条纹烤漆和镀铬粗放状态良好. 随着主力学关注每一个细节, 这种自行车建 ...

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Thewestcoastclassics.com – 美国铁马菜刀定制, 铬!

专栏: 美国铁马 | 26 可以 2015 | 评论关闭 上 Thewestcoastclassics.com – 美国铁马菜刀定制, 铬!
Thewestcoastclassics.com – American Ironhorse Chopper Customized, Chrome!

Information American Ironhorse Chopper West Coast Classics are proud to present a virtually brand new bike in the right color with only some 2,300 original miles and fully chromed with all the extras! An as showroom new example of this 2005 美国铁马 (AIH) III in the highly desirable ‘Vivid Black color! Obviously never dropped or abuseda true garage Queen if ever there was one! This highly striking example is mechanically and cosmetically as new with only some 2,300 original miles! No longer in production, the American Ironhorse Motorcycle Company bikes out of Fort Worth, Texas are fast becoming some of the most collectible bikes on the Chopper and custom built market. You ...

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Texas Chopper Ironhorse 2004

专栏: 美国铁马 | 16 可以 2015 | 评论关闭Texas Chopper Ironhorse 2004
Texas Chopper Ironhorse 2004

Texas Chopper Ironhorse 2004 – #x0024;11900 (San Diego) American Iron Horse/Texas Chopper 2004 Beautiful Custom Factory Built Chopper in great condition Just 9,200 original miles! I Have a current California Clean Title in Hand. Custom chopper motorcycle. This is truly a high-powered beauty. This bike has an OUTSTANDING Classic Chopper look and is an absolute blast to ride with the hidden soft-tail suspension. It is EXTREMELY comfortable to ride! Over 9long! 是, this Texas Chopper offers the outstanding looks of a Hard-Tail Chopper, but rides like a dream with its Soft-Tail Suspension. This bike is EXTREMELY comfortable great fun to ride! A real head turner! The Iron ...

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