1991 宝马 850 V12 6 速度首页

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1991 BMW 850 V12 6 Speed Home Page

1991 宝马 850 V12 6 速度 1991 宝马 850 6 速度. 28ķ英里, 因为新的收藏家所有者历史. 许多被称为一个最好的例子幸存一个 8 系列, this car has been nothing but a collector’s toy since new and treated as such. Truly an example that represents the 8 series properly as one of the most unique and timeless cars ever produced. The top examples of original surviving low mile BMW 8 series just may prove to be collectible and as valuable as the top examples of 60s muscle cars and similar in the near future. It’s most certainly a far more worthy car than some of the mentioned. Whatever the case or opinions, few will argue that the BMW 8 series is a timeless car yet ...

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宝马K1300R: 还在转动头Wheels24

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BMW K1300R: Still turning heads Wheels24

宝马K1300R: Still turning heads Author: DRIES VAN DER WALT BMW has a number of excellent bikes on the market: the S1000RR, the F-series adventure bikes, the K and R-series tourers and their king of the hill (and pretty much all of the terrain surrounding that hill), the hugely popular R1200GS. These bikes garner a lot of media attention so there are some models that languish in relative obscurity despite being extremely good machines in their own right. One such is the K1300R. LOOKS DEPARTMENT The basic principle of the bike dates back to 2005, originally with a 1200cc engine. 在 2009 自行车 (along with the rest of the K-series) received a 1300 engine as well as a new look. It retains ...

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需求 4 速度

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2005 K1200S Review For the review of the very first K1200S that arrived Written 3/25/2005 – 更新 4/17/2005 CONTROLLED MADNESS: BMW K1200S TEST RIDE with K1200RS and Suzuki GSX-R1000 References 2005 BMW K1200S with 1 Mile Weather: 45 F / 7 cOvercast, but Dry Total ride distance: 70 miles OVERVIEW: The news of BMW’s new Hyper-Sport broke in October of 2003. Germany’s own Motorrad magazine due to lapses in security at the BMW design studio, published actual photographs of the Superbike’s brand new frame, Hossack inspired Duolever front end, engine and new the body work . For possibly the first time in recent memory, sport riders everywhere paused their ...

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克里斯·菲佛取出 2008 Streetbike自由泳世界冠军…

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Chris Pfeiffer takes out the 2008 Streetbike Freestyle World Championship…

BMW Stunt Rider Pfeiffer World Champion, 再次. BMW Motorrad’s Chris Pfeiffer has successfully defended the Streetbike Freestyle World Championship in Zurich, which took place this weekend at the SWISS-MOTO Motorcycle, Scooter and Tuning Exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland. The 37-year-old German once again dominated proceedings aboard his BMW F 800, winning each of the four rounds across the weekend, to retain the crown he won at the inaugural event in 2007. Second place went to Portuguese rider Humberto Ribeiro, while rounding up the podium was Sébastien Desbonnet from France. Pfeiffer pitted his skills against 16 competitors from 12 different countries, and once again proved that when ...

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宝马车轮 – 真正 & 性能特纳赛车

专栏: 宝马 | 18 君 2015 | 评论关闭 上 宝马车轮 – 真正 & 性能特纳赛车
BMW Wheels – Genuine & Performance Turner Motorsport

宝马车轮 – Genuine Performance Apex Flow Formed Alloy Wheels New! View parts within this category that fit your car! APEX Wheels are the perfect complement to your BMW. Their designs are inspired by classic motorsport wheels of the past but with a fresh approach to manufacturing and customer support. APEX offers more wheel sizes, offset, and color combinations than any other wheel brand that we carry. And they are all exceptional quality. APEX uses the flow-forming manufacturing that produces a strong but light weight wheel. As well as being pleasing to the eye these are very strong and functional wheels that are at home on the street as well as the racetrack. The design is based ...

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同原 999

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Same as Original 999

999 同原 8 Desember 2009 For those who like freestyle, the name Chris Pfeiffer would have been familiar. By using F800R BMW motorcycle, a series of championship titles have been achieved. Starting from the European Stunt Riding Champion, 至 4 times world champion. And many championships to reach. “I really appreciate the great support offered by BMW, and for me just F800R the perfect stunt bike. As I pointed out to the most recent,” Chris Pfeiffer explains. Hendrik Von Kuenheim, BMW Motorrad President, has kept his promise last November. He said that, BMW will present a replica of Cris Pfeiffer Edition F800R when presented to the public in Eicma, Milan. This motorcycle was ...

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宝马g ^ 650 GS 2014

专栏: 宝马 | 17 君 2015 | 评论关闭 上 宝马g ^ 650 GS 2014
BMW G 650 GS 2014

宝马g ^ 650 GS 2014 i am wanting to get a bike, a dual task to be multiple, however i’m listening to some conflicting objects about how robust is as well highly effective for a newbie. the one 2 individuals i do know who recognize everything about this say that even 250cc is much an excessive amount of however plenty of testimonials on bikes i have been reading through say that 650cc is very good for learners, i’ve listened to it essentially the most concerning the BMW g 650 gs. the key 3 bikes i’m searching for at are that one, the Honda crf250l and Honda xr650l. I technique to make use of it doesn’t matter what I get 50% for side road fifty% for filth. I wouldn’t have any data riding ...

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RM拍卖: 法拉利 512 BBI 1983 – 出售外汇经典

专栏: 宝马 | 17 君 2015 | 评论关闭 上 RM拍卖: 法拉利 512 BBI 1983 – 出售外汇经典
RM Auctions: Ferrari 512 BBi 1983 – SPRZEDANE Giełda klasyków

RM拍卖: 法拉利 512 BBI 1983 – SPRZEDANE 1983 法拉利 512 BBi To be auctioned on Saturday, 游行 8, 2014 $175,000 - $200,000 Chassis no. ZFFJA09B000044881 340 必和必拓, 4,942 cc alloy flat-12, Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection, five-speed manual transaxle, front and rear independent suspension with unequal length A-arms, twin rear coil springs, anti-roll bar, and hydraulic dampers, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. 轴距: 98.4 在. Ferrari’s iconic Berlinetta Boxer, finished in Rosso Corsa with black trim Recently completed major service, including a new clutch Just under 23,000 kilometers from new Following the lead of the 365 GT/4 BB and the 512 BB before it, Ferrari’s ...

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The BMWMOCM Message Board: 1984 BMW R100RT Final Edition FOR SALE

专栏: 宝马 | 15 君 2015 | 评论关闭The BMWMOCM Message Board: 1984 BMW R100RT Final Edition FOR SALE
The BMWMOCM Message Board: 1984 BMW R100RT Final Edition FOR SALE

1984 BMW R100RT Final Edition FOR SALE Posted by Joe Fedorka on 5/5/2008, 11:36 am FOR SALE: 1984 BMW R100RT ‘FINAL EDITION’ Asking $5000.00 – MUST SELL – EMAIL TO jfedorka@gmail.com or call 651.592.1521 for more information or schedule a viewing. A great ride for the serious “AIRHEAD” aficionado. Purchased with 30,000 miles on the odometer. Ridden a bit more than 1000 miles since restoration. The bike did not show any signs of abuse at purchase, only neglect. Purchased June 2007 for $3000.00. More than $2000.00 invested in parts and subcontracted services. Approximately 600 hours of research/study and wrench twisting to restore the bike to its current condition. Most of the ...

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BMWs F650GSan entry level bike? MIND over MOTORCYCLE

专栏: 宝马 | 13 君 2015 | 评论关闭BMWs F650GSan entry level bike? MIND over MOTORCYCLE
BMWs F650GS – an entry level bike? MIND over MOTORCYCLE

BMWs F650GS – an entry level bike? Deep in my profile on my website you’ll find a short list of the most disappointing bikes I’ve ridden. Naturally it’s a personal thing, and I’ve caught a lot of flak over the years for including various machines on the list that have captured their owners’ hearts but not mine. High up that list was the original ’94 Funduro BMW. Designed as an entry level machine, the original 650cc single cylinder bike was anaemic, overweight, over-tall and inflexible – it was anything but fun. I came across that bike working for CSM in 1996, the UK-wide motorcycle training school that dominated bike training in the 90s. As the new boy, I was last in the ...

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