A Hybrid GoldWing? Stuart’s Blog

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A Hybrid GoldWing? Stuart’s Blog

A Hybrid GoldWing? Drawing from a Honda Patent Application – click on the image to enlarge You might not think that a motorcycle offered much potential for hybrid power, but Honda does – or at least is covering the options. I came across this US Patent Application recently in which Honda has used the GL1800 as the basis for an outline design which incorporates hybrid power. You need a lawyerish eye to be able to see through the gobbledegook language in order to understand what this is about, so I can’t promise that I’ve understood it all that well, but in essence Honda has tried to patent a way of installing an electric motor in combination with an internal combustion engine which ...

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GL1000 HistorySpydre’s ‘WingSite

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GL1000 History – Spydre’s ‘WingSite

They will soar on wings like eagles. -Isaiah 40:31 (NIV) the honda goldwing gl 1000: 1974 至 1979 The Goldwing GL1000 . powered by a 998cc liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed ‘flat’four-cylinder engine, revolutionized motorcycle touring. First introduced to the world in 1974 at Cologne, Germany (see the prototype, originally dubbed the M1 . below), the Honda Goldwing GL1000 caused quite a stir within the motorcycling fraternity. Upon first examination, it looked as if the bike was one a hybrid and was rather odd looking. But buyers of that first generation Goldwing, who saw past the unorthodox appearance, discovered a function that was unlike anything before. The heavy frame ...

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Classic metal: Honda Goldwing-News & 评论 - 摩托车交易

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Classic metal: Honda Goldwing-News & Reviews-Motorcycle Trader

24 二月 2012 | Join Ian Falloon for a look at one of the touring greats Honda’s Gold Wing has now been in production for 35 years and is entrenched as a mainstream motorcycle. Yet back in 1972 the idea of a large capacity liquid-cooled flat-four shaft-drive motorcycle was a fairly radical move. Honda itself had set a bold new standard with its four-cylinder CB750 of 1968, but the 903cc Kawasaki Z1 had overtaken this in 1972. In terms of ultimate all-round performance, the air-cooled, four-cylinder, across-the-frame four-cylinder motorcycle with chain final drive ruled. But not all companies were committed to this layout. The early 1970s was an era of experimentation in motorcycle layouts, ...

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2012 本田金翼 4000

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2012 Honda Goldwing 4000

Financial Publications Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute Albert Walter Our petroleum is a high-grade “light sweet” with very low sulphur content and a large fraction of petrol, and this kind of oil is very much being sought after by the global industry. Debuting today at the MV Agusta HQ in Varese, 意大利, the MV Agusta Corse 2012 honda goldwing 4000 ParkinGO supersport team has unveiled its MV Agusta F3 race bike. Some people avoid opening and reading payment request letters altogether. BMW now has a power plant to compete, 2012 honda goldwing 4000 with a motorcyle that weighs 200lbs. 宝马, Victory’s Vision, and more are all after a piece of this thing’s market. After purchase, you can ...

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GoldWing Club Russia / GoldWing History

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GoldWing Club Russia / GoldWing History

Copyright © 1999-2003 Steve Saunders Goldwing Page The Honda Goldwing first saw the light of day at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1974, as the flat-four cylinder, 999cc GL1000. While this first production version of the now famous Goldwing was ultimately deemed to be a success (it was after all the birth of a legend), it’s place in the world of motorcycling was not entirely cast in stone at the beginning. Part of the reason for this was the fact that the GL1000 didn’t really fit properly into any particular motorcycle class, even though it was officially tagged as a tourer. Weighing in at 584lbs dry, it was far too heavy to be called a sports bike and the upright sitting ...

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Honda Unveils Micro-sized Electric VehicleMicro Commuter Prototype”…

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Honda Unveils Micro-sized Electric Vehicle “Micro Commuter Prototype”…

Honda Unveils Micro-sized Electric Vehicle Micro Commuter Prototype Demonstration Testing Begins in 2013 Using Vehicles that Adopt the Variable Design Platform Tokyo, Nov 13, 2012 – (JCN Newswire) – Honda Motor Co. Ltd. unveiled the Micro Commuter Prototype, a micro-sized short distance EV commuter. This vehicle was developed in consideration of the vehicle categories for micro-sized mobility products that are currently being discussed under the initiative of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan as well as for the regulations for the L7 category(1) in Europe. Using vehicles based on this prototype model, Honda will begin demonstration testing in ...

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MotoGP Silly Season Update: Forward’s Privateer Yamaha M1s, Hayden’s

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MotoGP Silly Season Update: Forward’s Privateer Yamaha M1s, Hayden’s…

MotoGP Silly Season Update: Forward’s Privateer Yamaha M1s, Hayden’s Future, – Honda’s Production Racers 08/20/2013 @ 3:00 pm, by David Emmett 18 COMMENTS With all of the prototype seats occupied for 2014 – barring a contractual bust up between Ducati and Ben Spies, which is only an expensive theoretical possibility at the moment – battle has commenced for the rest of the MotoGP seats regarded as being most competitive. While the factory bikes – the bikes in the factory and satellite teams being raced as MSMA entries – are all taken, the privateer machines – using Dorna spec-ECU software and extra fuel – are still mostly up for grabs. The three most highly sought after ...

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1980 BMW M1 German Cars For Sale Blog

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1980 BMW M1 German Cars For Sale Blog

1980 BMW M1 The M1 was a curious car for BMW; it was unlike anything the company had ever manufactured and we haven’t seen a modern day equivalent since. To this day, it is known as one of the rarest BMW models, yet its influence throughout the lineup can be seen right up to this day. This was the car that kickstarted BMW’s Motorsport division into the mainstream, as the M88 inline six lived on in such cars as the E24 M6 and M635CSi and E28 M5. It’s uncommon to see an M1 in the wild, in fact, the only one I’ve ever seen was at the BMW Zentrum in Munich. This particular example for sale in London is originally a California car and one of the last ones off the production line. 1980 ...

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Stoner likes ‘Fun’ 1000cc Honda Prototype News Motorsport.com

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Stoner likes ‘Fun’ 1000cc Honda Prototype News Motorsport.com

By Gordon Hatch, MotoGP correspondent Honda ends its test of 2012 MotoGP prototype in Jerez The Honda Racing Corporation ended its first public test of its 2012 1000cc prototype last week with Repsol Honda Team rider Casey Stoner being the only one of its three factory riders taking part in the test. Dani Pedrosa broke his collarbone in a racing incident with satellite Honda rider Marco Simoncelli at last week’s fourth round of this year’s MotoGP championship in Le Mans, France while Andrea Dovizioso was not present at the test. With a two-week break before the Grand Prix of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, Stoner arrived for the test at the same Jerez track where he was taken out at turn ...

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本田金翼 – Answers.com

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Honda Goldwing – Answers.com

Where is bleeder valve on 84 Honda goldwing? How do you change the oil on a 1994 Honda GoldWing? ENGINE OIL AND FILTER Please refer to the Safety Precautions on page 103 (of your user manual) Engine oil quality is the chief factor affecting engine service life. Change the oil as specified in the maintenance schedule on page 106 (of your user manual). Change the engine oil with the engine oil at normal operating temperature and the motorcycle on it’s center stand (level) to ensure complete and rapid draining. Please dispose of used engine oil in a manner that is compatible with the environment. We suggest you take it in a sealed container to your local service station for reclamation. ...

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